Friday, April 13, 2007

Great start

4/13/07 Friday
Ahhh, Friday the thirteenth, a day when some cringe and hide, fearing in their superstition what ills the spirits have in store for them. Pardon me if I offend but…how incredibly stupid. It’s another day, that’s all. My youngest was born on Friday the thirteenth so I suppose any problems he has in his life can be attributed to that? Morons.

I am doing great this morning so I reckon I should believe Friday the thirteenth will always be my lucky day. Hey, you get what you believe. If you think it will be an unlucky day your belief will make it so. If you decide to believe you will have an excellent day I’ll guarantee you it will be better because of that.

So I got up and moving fairly early. Been out screening the last of my tumbleweed compost. It has almost no nutritional value from the stand point of the things plants need to grow but I think it will at least hold moisture well, thus enhancing this sandy soil. Turned the sprinkler on to clear out the bleach I put in the well last night. At first I let it spray out into the field with the thought it would perhaps kill some of the weeds. Then I got to thinking. In the city all water is treated with chlorine bleach and that’s what everyone uses to water their lawns and gardens. It obviously doesn’t kill them. Now if you want to put it in your fish tank you need to let the water sit for twenty four hours so the bleach will evaporate out. Then it’s safe to put in and won’t kill your fish.

So it is a great start for the day. The brain is working well, operating at an 8 on the bob scale. A slight headache but that doesn’t bother me. I took a pain pill because sifting the compost is one of those activities that aggravates the pain in my lower back. I’m gonna keep moving to take advantage of this time of mental clarity so this will be a short post.

We got a blessing last night through our E mail that had Cherie crying. I’ll tell about that later as it develops.

It’s been a good day. I wore myself out but it doesn’t take much to do that. Pretty windy out here today. The highest wind gust was recorded at fifty six MPH. I am having a hard time remembering what I did today so wait a minute while I ask Cherie.

OK, that helps. We got our first oil well royalty check. It was only twenty two bucks but that put ten in my gas tank so we took our trash to the landfill. Then we ran into Stanton. After stopping to check mail we went to the courthouse to see Jim McGilvray. He’s the attorney handling the estate and we needed to make sure the oil company or whoever issues that check knew that the deed had been transferred to us. The check is still coming in my grandmother’s name so Virginia, the executrix of the estate, had to cut a check to pay us. Come to find out all we have to do is write the oil company and send them a copy of the deed.

Then I stopped at the sheriff’s office, which is in the same building, to thank him for the excellent and quick work they did regarding our well being shot out. He wasn’t in. Bummer. We also need to recover the receipt for the repair of the well that they requested to resolve the matter. Zack, the young deputy who handled that should be calling us about that. From there we deposited the check in our bank and came home.

Cherie called her sister to let her know she would be flying up there. I could hear Cathy crying over the phone from the next room. There’s allot going on up there with mom’s open heart surgery (they replaced four heart valves) and a legal matter that has been plaguing the family for a while now. Man, are we glad to be out of Toledo. I won’t go into a lot of detail out of respect for their wishes but will as soon as they give me permission but I will say this. Imagine a judge issuing a bench warrant for a woman because she was unable to make it to court. It didn’t happen but it was clearly mentioned as a threat. The fact she was in a hospital ICU didn’t seem to make much difference unless there was a signed letter from her doctor. So in court the judge extended this case till April 28th. Like she’ll be cured by then. Hell they’re still trying to teach her to swallow and feed her through a tube. All of this cause someone didn’t park their car right? Actually it is because of a vindictive city employee. Hope I can tell the whole story cause it’s a doozy.

So Cherie will be able to go because of the generosity of one of the readers of this blog. And guess what makes this such a blessing that just fell out of the sky. Cherie’s birthday is the twenty fifth of April and by happy coincidence so is her mother’s. At this time of turmoil and stress Cherie will get to celebrate her birthday with Mom. When Cathy (Cherie’s younger sister) told mom she said mom got a huge smile on her face and whispered (She still can’t really talk) “I’m gonna have all three of my girls will be here for my birthday”. She just beamed Cathy said. Poor Cathy is bearing such a heavy load with all of this. So I wonder about God but also must wonder if He had something to do with this. Regardless it’s a miracle of sorts and a blessing however you look at it.

So that’s it for now. I’m pretty tired. Night all.

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