Sunday, April 15, 2007

A wonderful day

4/15/07 Sunday
What a wonderful day it’s been. I’ve been sharp with a high level of energy all day long and am still that way now, at 7:30. What a glimpse of who I used to be this is and if I could maintain this level there is nothing I can’t do. Sometimes these periods last weeks though not as often as I would like. I’ve gotten a lot done.

So lets recount the day. I pulled Kevin aside before Sunday school started and asked him if he could come by to just talk, explaining how we felt so alone in the middle of this church. He said that he had not been aware of that and would be glad to do so. In the process of this conversation, which was joined by some others there, it was mentioned that some people don’t like visitors being private types. So because we had never said anything the thought never came up or something. That’s fine but we are right there every Sunday and it wouldn’t have been hard to ask. I don’t know but will be interested in seeing what the result of this will be. I didn’t get to talk with pastor as things were busy at the end of church. I’ll E mail him.

As I write this I can feel a slow down coming. The ears are ringing now. This bites. But at least I had a productive day. Here is a picture of another bob experiment. Reading about composting I see that getting oxygen speeds up the process so I took this old hospital bed frame and placed it on top of some big cans that were already set up. This will allow air to circulate under the compost material. Don’t know how practical this will be but it’s worth a try. That reminds me, during our conversation I asked Kevin about the goat crap that builds up in his pens, telling him I would be happy to come sweep it up myself. He’s fine with that. By the way Kevin has decided to go into the ministry as a preacher for the Cowboy Church. He will go to Amarillo and start a church.

I wanted to write a bunch more but there is a headache coming with the slowdown so won’t. Sorry guys.

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