Monday, April 30, 2007

Storms brewing

There’s a storm brewing but it’s not just this one. I saw how fast this thunderhead was growing so had to get a picture. It wasn’t fifteen minutes later that it had doubled in size and was fanning out at the top in the classical anvil head shape. Too bad the clouds you see encroaching covered it up cause it would have made a great sequence.

But this is only an appropriate picture for what is going on back in Toledo. Cherie called and I could hear the stress in her voice. We have known that dad has been increasingly nasty for some time but now Cherie has experienced it herself. She was taking some lunch to Cathy at the school she teaches and dad was riding with her. He was upset that Cherie was taking food to her sister and getting pretty ugly, calling Cathy names and just being an ass. Cherie pulled over into a gas station and told him to settle down. Dad grabbed her finger and bent it back as far as he could force it. Cherie screamed and screamed but dad continued. She finally got free and hopped out of the car. There was a semi that couldn’t leave because the car was in the way. Cherie told the trucker that she would move if he could tell the old man in the car to leave her alone. He did so dad settled down for a short time.

By the time she got to the school dad was back in high gear, telling Cherie, his daughter, that she is nothing but a little bitch and on and on. By this time Cherie was a mess. She got out and took the food to Cathy. Turning around they saw dad giving them the finger aggressively. Unfortunately there were about a hundred kids who were watching this. Dad started to get out of the car. That was it.

Cherie took dad on to the nursing home without saying a word more to him. Mom could tell right away something was wrong and when dad went to the bathroom Cherie told her what happened. She was crying by then. I told Cherie this is a sign of dementia and that it will only get worse. Now it is important they find a place for dad separate from mom. Money will be a big factor. Such a tight hard place for them. I told Cherie to go ahead and pay for a hotel room. We have been blessed with enough cash and my check comes in tomorrow, plus she needs to have a little peace and decent sleep. Sleeping on a couch with all the activity and dad just won’t do. We both appreciate your prayers. There is so much to do and dad will not cooperate so the issue of legal guardianship and having him declared incompetent will now have to be approached. Such a hard time. Wish I was there. Wish she was here for that matter. No matter what, family is family, at least as far as I am concerned. Doesn’t seem to work with some of mine here but I will do the best I can for Cherie’s.


Janie said...

Gosh, what a hard day for Cherie. I'll be praying for her and you during this time.

Pancho said...

Great shot....I love thundercloud pix myself... Big Cloud