Monday, April 23, 2007

Things are moving fast, Pray

This is the whole gang, my family. While they are "In Laws" they are the closest thing to family I have. Mom and dad are mom and dad for me. My real dad hasn't talked to me in years

Cherie called earlier and as always it was good to hear her voice but I could tell right away she was pretty tired. She’s got good reason to be. There is so much for her to deal with, so many changes that must be made in the lives of her parents. Cherie spent some time with mom without dad or Cathy around. This allowed mom to open up about a lot of things. One of them is she really doesn’t want to return to the house for several reasons which I won’t go into here. Mom was able to walk the length of the parallel bars thing they use to get people strong enough to walk again. That is the first time.

This is the time in a families life that can be the hardest and most emotional. What to do with your parents when they are getting to the point they can’t take care of themselves.



I told Cherie that if she needed to she should stay there till things get figured out. Mom told her that it was too bad we didn’t have the house fixed up. That’s a way of saying she wouldn’t mind coming here. There’s a thought. But one with no answer right now. Regardless she is tired of things in her home. One of the results of this surgery, this close encounter with death, and being away from the house, is she can see things a little more clearly. Sometimes you’ve gotta get away to see. Like the old saying “You can’t see the forest because of the trees”.


I’ll probably get in trouble for putting this in the blog but it is a very effective way of talking to them. It’s the circle of life thing. The parents care for the children and then the children care for the parents.

(I got in trouble)


Cherie will stay up there another week but must return to take the classes for her new job. She's been sleeping on the couch which, unfortunately has been the target of cat pee. She sprays it with Febreeze every night. Of course dad hasn't been going to bed till after midnight and sits there in the living room, thus preventing Cherie to go to sleep. I wish I could be up there to support her but she’s a strong lady and can call me fifty times a day if she needs to. It’s nice that there are no roaming or long distance charges with our cell phones.

One of the things I will note is how amazingly things have worked out regarding the airline tickets and money. Again it sure looks like there is an outside hand orchestrating this, providing for what we need just as we need it, and almost miraculously out of the blue. I told Cherie that if this keeps up I may get my faith in God back. I keep asking for God to show me He is there, that He is. Starting to get through now.

So much. I told Cherie to write a letter to the judge regarding this court case over cars being parked in the yard. Don’t know if I wrote about that but it’s a sad commentary on the city of Toledo and how some employees abuse their power out of a vindictive and malicious spirit. These guys made them take a six foot fence down because of some old law designed for a neighborhood that no longer exists. They did this despite many other fences in the area that were identical, even right across the street. Then they wrote a citation for parking on an area next to the driveway that had been covered in gravel just for that purpose, again using some vague regulation. Right across the street is another house with the same thing. Mom and dad can’t afford an attorney and that leaves them defenseless in a court that won’t appoint an public defender for such cases and even if they did I can tell you from experience he will work for the prosecution. So I told her to write a letter to the judge because I know, again from personal experience, that it can work.

Again, for those of you who pray, please pray.

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