Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Much better this morning

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For you new readers this is the plaque I carved as I was recovering from the accident in St. Louis.

4/11/07 Wednesday
It’s a much better start for the day. I woke up sharp and lucid so will get going to insure I take advantage of this. Sometimes I go a week or so without any of these petite seizures but other times I can have several in a day. I just never know. Yesterday was pretty rough and at the level that reduces my functionality to the point I can only do simple things. It was an all day slowdown. There is no consistency with any part of this. Some effect the physical areas of the brain and others really hit my ability to process what is going on around me. Then some are short slowdowns lasting only minutes. Fortunately the all day ones don’t happen often. Now if I could just arrange for those kinds to come when the weather is crappy or it’s time to go to bed that would be great. Missing a gorgeous day like yesterday really sucks.

Lots and lots of work to do. I’ll need to try and plan or schedule things to increase the likelihood of something getting done. Was up till 2:30 this morning downloading info on the perennial flower plants we have. Some of these have specific requirements to germinate the seeds like putting the flat in the fridge. In one case to get the seeds to start and in another after they have come up. Some seeds you just lay on top of the soil and put in the sun. The problem I have is I really don’t or won’t remember all of this but with it on the computer I can pull it up every time I deal with a particular one.

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