Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11, Satanic religion, cocaine

Storms coming and already here. This picture of yesterday's rains sure fits this post.

9/11/09 Friday
This date requires an acknowledgement of the attack on our country and our beliefs. So I bow in respect of those who died and are now dying in our battle against Islamic extremists. With that said I must express my thoughts on them. Islam is a religion of hate and intolerance, period. Even in it’s “mild” forms the foundation, the teachings in it’s Quran advocate death to all who disapprove and do not submit to it. Deceit is also a tenet of this religion and one of the attributes proudly espoused about allah is that he is “The great deceiver”. All forms of Islam publicly and openly advocate taking over the world for their religion. But they often put on a face for the world to see of peace and love and hide the truth. Except the extremists, who openly hate and kill even each other. It boggles my mind at how the world closes their eyes and refuses to see what is openly right in front of them and chooses to believe lies. It is scary to see how countries are easily bought and manipulated like foolish children by Islamic countries that control so much oil. It’s like a heroin addict who will do anything for his drugs.

Islam is satanic. It is a psychotic deranged religion that fosters mental illness as it’s converts (it’s the fastest growing religion in the world) delve deeper into it. In this case mental illness is a communicable disease spreading from one to another. Fact is that just by saying this I am to be killed, would be under a death sentence from the extremists. Fear is one of their weapons and it seems that the leaders of the world tremble. The best way to fight this isn’t with guns, though that is necessary, but with the truth to expose the lies it teaches to all who listen. Fight hate with the love of Jesus Christ.

So with that said, it’s a pea picking day. There’s rain coming this afternoon and it’s forecast to rain tomorrow. The forty pounds of peas I picked Sunday are now rotted. Twenty of them were for someone who ordered them online. He said he had to take his wife to the hospital so perhaps that’s why he didn’t keep his word. It didn’t set well with me regardless for picking the peas was the course that led to Rascal’s getting hurt so bad. He’s surviving but in great pain. Plus picking peas is painful for me and I picked them specifically for this guy. But pain is a part of my life and something I refuse to let stop me, though it certainly can slow me down. So I’m heading out now to pick peas for we have bills to pay. Hope the market does well tomorrow morning despite the chance of rain. Let me encourage you to come, not just for my blackeyed peas but for all the other great stuff you can find there. It’s at downtown Midland on the corner of Texas and Marienfield. The market starts at 9:00 and runs to 1:00. Get there early if you can cause I usually sell out quickly.

I talked to Suzie yesterday. For those of you who may not know Suzie is Eileen, my former secretary’s daughter. Eileen was murdered last year. She was the closest friend I had and her family is like my family. I do the best I can for them though being fifteen hundred miles away makes that hard. Suzie told me that her brother, Bobby, is doing cocaine. How I wish I was there to knock some sense into him. Bobby is an alcoholic to start with and has three kids. The alcoholism already made life miserable for the entire family and his wife has joined him in it so it was a sad sad situation to start with. Just tears your heart out to watch.

Now there’s cocaine. Who knows how long this has been going on but it doesn’t matter. They constantly have the electricity and other utilities being turned off due to non payment of the bills and often don’t have food on the table for these young children. The only way Bobby can be supporting his drug and alcohol addictions is through criminal activity. How I wish I was there. Suzie hasn’t done what she needs to in order to collect her mother’s life insurance. I don’t want it to sound as a put down but Suzie doesn’t have the mental or emotional capability to do so. She can’t read and can’t handle the emotions created by bringing this up. Her ability to deal with others is worse than mine was immediately after my brain injury so sometimes has difficulty even mailing a package at the post office. My hope is to be able to afford to go there around thanksgiving when we get the CRP check and help them work through that. Talking to Bobby will be tough and I probably won’t get through to him, but I have to try. Maybe he will try to get help for the sake of his kids.

It’s already 1:00, or at least will be in twelve minutes. It took me a good part of the morning to finish writing and posting the blog along with facebook, email, and other internet stuff. With the power jack on this laptop being well worn it slips out easily. Because the battery no longer works at all that means it shuts the whole computer down and I lose anything I was working on. That happened this morning and doesn’t take long for it to get old. So that slowed things down. I get done and head outside to pick peas only to find that it’s raining. Then, to top it off, I’m having a slowdown. Seems that the cycle of slowdowns is on the upswing now. That’s how it goes. I’ll go for a while with none and a gratefully sharp mind and then it’s a series of these events. It will probably last for a week or two. There doesn’t seem to be a change based on my reducing the medication but we are carefully watching.


Don Schneider said...

Bob, I agree with your comments about Islam. You are completely right. They are children of satan and are headed for eternal damnation. It reminds me of the sign just south of Lamesa that says: Eternity, its Hell without Jesus.

Amy said...

Too true, I agree 100%. I get blasted all the time for not being "tolerant" of other's religion and life styles, but God doesn't call us to be tolerant, he calls us to call sin a sin, no matter what.

In addition, Bob if you need help with getting your friend to collect the life insurance, let me know, I did this for my dad. It isn't that hard, and it took 30 days to receive. I'd be glad to write a letter if you get me all the necessary information (name of insurance company, etc.)