Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Go to pre trial today

9/30/09 Wednesday
The business plan writing seminar didn’t add to our knowledge much but it did let me know that the university takes an active role in helping people create them so that we will definitely make use of. They’re having a seminar next week on marketing but I asked if it was going to be at the same level (teaching wise) as this one and she said it would so we’ll skip that. This seminar was geared at a grade school level it seemed, just touched basics. I could teach the marketing class and then some.

Today I go to pre trial for the traffic ticket I got a month ago. I hope to talk to the prosecutor and get it dismissed because I wasn’t speeding and know the radar picked up someone on the interstate thirty feet over.

This morning I plan on getting back on the tractor and doing as much as I can before it gets hot. The ticks are back again so I’ll vacuum and spray the house first. Found one crawling up the wall and one on a sock I’d just gotten out of my drawer. Ears are ringing a bit but that happens a lot. Have a headache rising up as well so it’s another typical day. Will take some aspirin and get moving.

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