Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Motherboard, water, picking

9/2/09 Wednesday
I’ll be working on the laptop and hopefully will get it put together and, even more hopefully, it will work. I’m having the lightheaded dizzy ears ringing thing going on this morning again. I wonder if it’s from the medication I’m weaning myself off of. Was just fine when I woke up and took half of the pill instead of a whole one. The lightheaded thing showed up at about the time that medication would be getting in my system.

I plan to see the water board (There’s an official name for them but it escapes me) and the county extension agent about our well water today. Almost totally forgot yesterday was a poop scoop day till I was talking to Cherie when she was about to get off work. Keep planning on going early so I can visit a friend but it never seems to happen.

They haven’t plowed the peas under next door yet and there has been a steady stream of cars coming to pick them. They often run down the road in between the field and our house and that drives the dogs crazy, especially when people stop next to us and get out to pick. I don’t like it because I worry about potential theft and having someone spy something they might want to sneak back and steal. That’s the paranoia I would guess, but the fact is the Martin County paper said that there is a big increase of thefts from farms lately. I like the relative isolation this farm provides compared to the city life we had in Toledo.

Picking peas kills me but it has earned some badly needed money. After having about a hundred pounds go bad a week ago because we didn’t sell them at the Big Spring market I am real hesitant to go pick more. I would if I knew I could sell them but to watch all that work rot and get moldy in two days is discouraging. If they are still there Friday I’ll get out and pick till I hurt too much to pick, like I always do, because I know I can sell them at the market.

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