Monday, September 14, 2009

Ron and Paula will be here tomorrow

9/13/09 Sunday
Ron and Paula are arriving tomorrow so it’s panic to get ready time. Paula is allergic to cats so hopefully won’t want to come in the house. This is hard on Cherie as she is embarrassed about how not picked up things are. I guess this is normal for most women, to worry about things like that. I don’t have any room to talk because I’m cleaning things up outside too. Been having more slowdowns. It seems that about a half hour after I take my seizure meds I get the dizzy disorientated feelings that come with a slowdown so have to wonder if it’s the meds themselves. I’m just about weaned from them so this will be my last day.

It’s cool enough that I had to wear a long sleeve shirt. Winter’s on the way and fall is here. I haven’t gathered enough firewood for the winter yet so that needs to be raised up on my agenda. My pain level is pretty high right now, partly because of picking peas for the market. After the farmer’s market we went to the Southwest Museum’s art festival. It was nice to find a taste of what we were used to back in Ohio. Walking and standing for the two or three hours we were there was hard on me too and adds to the pain level today. I’m still a little slow, thick headed is a way I put it when like this.

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Amy said...

It will all be okay, they are coming to see you both, not your house.

I am thankful that my wood is split and stacked for the winter. I actually stacked it all myself the last month of my pregnancy, this past January. This past winter wasn't very cold, but for some reason this winter I am anticipating colder weather and want to be prepared. I've already put the word out with friends, neighbors and church family regarding discarded trees for next winter. I start getting antsy if I don't have two years of wood on hand. I wish you lived closer and you could have some of mine. Hope ya'll keep warm this year! I really enjoy my stove, hope you enjoy yours too!