Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working on the testimony

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9/27/09 Sunday
We went to church and now we’re spending the rest of the day getting ready for tomorrow. Cherie ran to Midland to pick up some blank CD’s I can put pictures on for the testimony we’re giving tomorrow. I need to run out and start a fire to smoke some ribs on so be back.

I’m not to sure how that’s going to work out, considering I really don’t know what I’m doing and don’t remember the lessons learned from the last time I tried to smoke meat. But we’ll see. I think it turned out fine before.

So back to the testimony, There’s an open invitation to all of you readers of this blog. First Baptist of Midland is at the corner of Louisiana and Garfield. The fellowship hall is at the north side of the church. Lunch starts at 11:45 and only costs $5.00. If you want to skip lunch and just catch us we start talking at 12:30. It’s a fantastic story that we live every day. I am still amazed when I look up and see Cherie standing, or laying, next to me. Just blows me away. So come and see a living miracle.
The car I was killed in. Flung out the back window and declared dead at the scene

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