Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rascal's gonna be fine

The doc says we got lucky with Rascal. No doubt in my mind about that. He doesn’t have any internal injuries, mostly some badly torn skin. The worst spot is near his anus. Pardon the vulgarity but Rascal pretty much tore himself a new A—hole. That part is where any potential danger lies because of it’s proximity to the fecal matter he defecates. Because of that the chance of infection is high. So we have antibiotics and some stuff to clean the wounds with, along with a hefty vet bill. To bad the guy who ordered the blackeyed peas that Rascal jumped out of the truck after I got done picking, didn't buy them. Sure could have used the extra money. She had to totally knock Rascal out in order to inspect and clean the wounds. He evidently hit the dirt road ass first and dug up some dirt in the process. Doc had to make an incision there so the pocket created can drain. But, other than being sore and stiff, he’s ok.

It looks like rain outside. Sounds like it too with lots of thunder. I went out to check and if we’re lucky one of the storms will make it over this farm. We had rain a couple of days ago too. This will help me a lot when it comes to fighting the sticker grass and weeds. “How so?” You might ask. Well, strangely enough I want the weeds to grow and the millions of seeds they have made to germinate. Once they get going I can disc them under, ideally before they make new seeds. If I can do this a couple of times I’ll have a big start on getting rid of the sticker grass. If the funds are available I’ll try to put in seven hundred or so pounds of grain rye before winter gets here. This will go a long way in competing with the weeds and also for enhancing the quality of the soil.

It rained. I’m slowing down pretty hard right now. It’s 6:07. Trying to formulate these sentences is a challenge.

This poor old laptop is giving me fits again. It totally died while I was typing the previous paragraph. Kind of like it did when I lost the motherboard. Fortunately when I plugged it in to Cherie’s power supply it works so evidently mine is at fault. I’ve repaired the cord in three places where the cats or dogs chewed it. So far I’ve replaced the hard drive, LCD screen, and now the motherboard. The case is bent, the latches no longer work on the top, and the finish has worn through where my hands rest on it. Oh, and the batteries been dead for a year now. It’s had a hard four plus years but keeps going, with a lot of maintenance. It scared me when it shut down. I lost about an hours worth of writing on the business plan but was able to recover most of it.

Cherie’s having one of those days at work and called me to say she didn’t know when she would get home so find something to eat in the fridge. Tuesday’s are always her hard days as that’s when she must get the church newsletter or bulletin out. Not sure what to call it. I’m sure the labor day holiday didn’t help.

Hope I clear up. Don’t have too many slowdowns these days so this one is more frustrating because of that. Got a headache coming on as I write. All part of the picture. So that’s it. Going to grab a bite to eat and lay down, after I pet Rascal some.

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