Sunday, September 06, 2009

It happened!!!

9/6/09 Sunday
It happened, my dad called. It was right after Sunday school had ended and I was talking to Al about our well water. The phone rang and I handed it to Cherie to answer. When she told me it was Robin and she was with dad I let Al know that I had to take this. Robin asked if this was a good time and of course it was so she put Dad on. The first thing I said was “Hi Dad, How are you?”. Dumb question to ask a man with cancer. Dad’s voice was hard to understand, for one reason was that he’s had to use a feeding tube because of difficulty swallowing. The conversation didn’t last long as I am sure dad is weak and speaking was difficult, but it was good. Dad repeatedly said “We haven’t forgotten about you” and then said “I’m going to take care of you”. This puzzles me. I told dad that I was doing fine and didn’t need to be taken care of. As Cherie and I think about this I think he might have been referring to his will or financial aid. I told dad that I just wanted to get to know him and that what was important to me along with his health. It would bother me for him to think my concern or motivation in reaching out was financial, it would bother me a lot. If that’s the case I have to wonder where that thought came from. I know I worry too much but it’s been thirty years. During that time my dad’s sources of information about me were not favorable so who knows what picture he’s developed of who I am. But regardless, dad called. If we are given the time all misconceptions can be corrected but till then I will take joy in whatever contact we have.

So pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Bob, what better place to talk to your Dad!! Cherie told me you were talking to your Dad and I praised God for the opportunity you were given. God is good!! love, Jen

Bob said...

Thanks Jen, Slowly, little by little and step by step my life is being restored in amazing ways. The hand of God is evident. It's a wonder to me.