Friday, September 18, 2009

It's back to work time

9/18/09 Friday
After totally removing the wiring harness from the rear of Cherie’s truck and going through everything several times I discovered that the light bulb began to work after I wiggled it in the socket. It wasn’t a moment of over joyous elation. By then it was getting dark and I was done working on anything so I put everything back together and went inside to eat the pizza Cherie had heated up earlier. The brake light still doesn’t work on that side but at least the turn signal does, or at least it did when Cherie left for work this morning. I can run a company, or at least did and think I still can, but fixing a light on a truck was a chore.

Spent a lot of time this morning digging up some pictures I had taken of my friend Allen’s legs when he blew himself up in a professional fireworks accident four or so years ago. He’s the one who suffers chronic pain is one of hundreds of those who’s doctors have been run out of town by overzealous DEA agents who have been harassing them because they dared prescribe pain medications for those who actually need them. They seem to think that any doctor who prescribes pain medications is a criminal and even followed Allen’s doctor’s family around in marked cars riding their bumpers to intimidate them. For months they did this on top of search warrants and contacting all of the pharmacies and hospitals he was related to. So Allen is desperately searching for another doctor and can use the pictures to verify his injuries. I talked to Suzie a couple of weeks ago and she told me that many doctors have been fired because of this and that the whole area is in turmoil.

I suppose I should eat. Tried fasting yesterday but it didn’t work well. I can do the praying part of it but get pretty lightheaded when I don’t eat. Kind of lightheaded now. It’s going to be a busy day. I need to see the VA guy this afternoon so will run by there when I go to Midland to poop scoop. Then it’s pea picking time. Money is real tight as our car insurance is due. I think we pay it twice a year or quarterly, don’t know but it’s a chunk. Plus we spent some when Ron and Paula were in town so that crimped the budget some. So we’ll pick peas for the farmer’s market and that will help. Cherie’s going to help me pick some when she gets off work. It hurts her to do so but she’s like me and won’t let a little pain stop her. I like the fact that I can earn the money. It always bothers me when some we know assume that we are asking for a handout whenever we call or email them. It reveals a perception or judgment of us. Once someone develops that perception it colors or stains every contact they have with the other individual. There doesn’t seem to be much I can do to change that. I just hate to be seen as a mooch.


Amy said...

It's just sad that doctor's can't prescribe meds for a valid reason where he lives. I am thankful I can receive the medication that I need. I don't take it but once a month, and only if the pain is so bad I can't stand it..this is rare in the summer, but more often in the winter. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was a teen, and now add Fibromyalgia on top of that and sometimes I can't stand it, though it is funny how when you live with something, you often don't notice the pain, it is just a part of every day life.

Oh, and you aren't a mooch. Homestading "families" are part of a bigger community, that love to help each other out. Regular communities have lost this aspect. I wish I had it to give to you, I'd send it in a heart beat. Having a difficult time myself making extra money. Thankful all my regular bills can be paid, I am just searing for extra to buy fencing, manage the feed bill. Starting to make the rounds of the local craft shows and county fairs to sell some handmade items (sewing).

Glad you had a good visit with your friends.

Bob said...

I know I'm not a "mooch" in the way some interpret that. I'm not rich and thus what is easy for others is hard for us regarding financial ability. So we look for opportunities to earn and obtain needs. Unfortunately this seems to make some uncomfortable so that they avoid contact, fearing we will hit them up for money I presume. We have been tremendously blessed by others "leftovers". Thanks again for the kitchen sink you brought us. It gets lots of use and is a perfect example of that.