Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cherie and I will be telling our story

9/23/09 Wednesday
Today I’ll be working outside, mostly getting things cleaned up for when friends come over to fix the wall. The big toe doesn’t hurt as bad so that helps. Still don’t have a clue what that’s about. Someone on Facebook suggested it might be gout. I’ve heard the word but have no idea what it is and don’t care to look it up right now. Too much to do as always. I’m dizzy and having a hard time deciding what to do outside, and my ears are ringing more than usual. Not unusual. I made some progress on the business outline. Can’t really call it a plan at this level so outline is more accurate. I’m going to try and attend a business plan writing seminar at UTPB. Someone on Facebook sent me the info after reading my entry there. I’m not sure what the “T” stands for but it’s University xxx Permian Basin I think.

I’m kind of slow this morning. Hope it clears up. Regardless I’m pushing through. By the way, on September 28 Cherie and I will be telling our story at a prayer luncheon held at the Midland First Baptist Church. We’d like to invite all of you to come. There will be photographs displayed during the presentation to help illustrate the miracle of our life and what we’ve been through in order to get here. They will serve lunch at 11:45 and it only costs $5.00. If you plan to come leave a comment or drop me an email at That will help them make sure there is enough food in case a thousand of y’all decide to show up. Cherie and I will begin giving our testimony at 12:30 so you could wait till then to show up if you want. It’s a powerful story folks, a wonderful testimony of God’s mercy, grace, and love that shows how He can raise a man and marriage from the dead and restore life. This will be the first time we have done this and we are looking forward to it. Another ministry recently asked us to share our story also. So maybe it’s time for that. But you are all welcome to come. It will be in the fellowship hall on the north side of the church. Email if you need more info or directions.
It’s a struggle. Hard to concentrate. We were woken at 4:30 by coyotes howling and I went out to make sure Ben and Gretchen didn’t go out and become victims of them. Never made it back to sleep. I’m frustrated by how hard it is to do something simple like clean and sweep the veranda. My thoughts are going everywhere but here. Came in to get something to drink. Didn’t want to do that for fear I wouldn’t get back out to work. It’s seemed like something has been fighting my every move for weeks now. If it’s not one obstacle it’s another. What I want to do I don’t and what I don’t want to do I do. Is it a spiritual thing? That’s another area I struggle with, my rational mind against that which is irrational. So I pray for answers. Always. Some of this is remnants of the brain injury making themselves known. I’ve come so far. There was a time where everything was confusion and deciding to go to the bathroom was a task. Hope this passes soon.

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