Friday, September 04, 2009

From depression to elation

9/4/09 Friday
It’s the roller coaster of my life, going from depression to elation. First there was the good news that the poisonous build up of chlorides and salts in the soil isn’t permanent as I feared for it can wash out with some good rains. That is a big relief. But this is nothing compared to my next bit of good news. I got an email from my sister last night. She told me that my dad received the card I sent well and when he talked of writing me back she suggested he call and talk to me. He agreed!!! Folks this is a big big step forward in the renewal of our relationship, the restoration between a father and son whom had not talked in decades. He’s to call today. There’s a chance he will be released from the hospital today as well, which I assume means the infection is under control. Robin, my sister, said they will try to find a place in Georgetown, where dad lives, to place him. He needs constant medical care and is currently bedridden so going to his home isn’t an option currently. But this way he can be close to his friends and of course his wife. This goes a long way to helping keep ones spirits up and maintaining a positive attitude is a key to healing.

So pray folks that when he calls the conversation goes well. Mostly that I can be wise and controlled in what I say for that is the problem, my mouth. I am better at the social skills needed to get along but still have tendencies to express myself without thinking it through. But this is huge to us, a milestone that has taken decades, and life threatening illness, to happen.

So nothing else matters in comparison. My fight to build this farm goes on but in that regard there is another potentially major milestone that has showed up. I learned, through the Organic Consumers Association, about a USDA program that is tied to the Obama stimulus package. A letter dated August 26 put out by the deputy secretary of Agriculture outlines the details of this grant/loan Rural Development program. It fits exactly into the plans I have for this place and makes available millions of dollars to accomplish these goals. There’s even grants available to study and create business plans and qualify for the other grants and guaranteed loans available. The money is sitting there waiting to be properly asked for. My goal has been to first attract some who would help me put this together. This document I think will go a long way in encouraging some to do that, to join me in this wonderful business venture by providing the comfort and safety that comes with the government guaranteeing 80% of up to five million dollar loans, along with grants that don’t have to be paid back. So it’s get off my butt time and focus on this. I’ve been consuming tons of time exhausting myself fighting weeds, building beds, and picking peas to pay for small needs like new boots and at the ends of the day didn’t have any energy left to work on the business plan. So I need to focus.

However I’ll be picking peas all day in preparation for tomorrow’s farmer’s market. I picked peas yesterday evening for about an hour and half and it about killed me. The peas are almost all dried so there are few nice green ones left. In all that time I only got about a pillow cases worth of peas, maybe twenty pounds. As much as I need to focus on the business plan and moving that forward there is still the need to pay for everyday bills and needs. Plus it will be a busy day as in addition to hopefully picking a hundred plus pounds of peas I must do my laundry, poop scoop, and hopefully visit a friend I’ve neglected. The weeds and other things around here are just not going to get done.

Times a’wastin so enough chit chat.


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I am praying Bob.

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