Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another short post

9/9/09 Wednesday
Fixed the power supply. It was another short in the cord. One less thing to worry about. We had more rain yesterday and it looks like there is some coming around Saturday as well. That’s good of course. I sure wish we had it set up to capture the rain water but like everything that will have to wait on funds. Speaking of that our money is real low again so I’m planning on picking peas and setting up a roadside stand in Midland to sell them. I’ll need to go to the FSA office and look up who the farmer is that has the fresh peas near us to get permission to pick them first.

The weather is cooling off as fall arrives. I never planted fall crops, just lost my enthusiasm after learning of the water being bad. Besides that I haven’t been keeping up well, probably due to fighting depression. But at least I made progress on the business plan synopsis. I’ll focus on that today again though I need to take a pain pill and pick peas so we can pay some bills. Sure wish it didn’t hurt so much to pick them but that’s the way it is. It’s another short post so bye.

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