Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blackeyed peas

Hey folks, I've got access to forty acres of blackeyed peas that will soon be plowed under. (because of ridiculous USDA rules) Cherie and I picked about 75 pounds yesterday and plan on getting as many as we can before they are gone. We are packaging them in two pound sacks at $2.50 a pound. I will be delivering them to Midland and vicinity today after 2:00 and probably tomorrow if there are enough orders. It's a forty mile round trip so won't make the drive for just one bag. email me at I'd post my phone number but don't think that's advisable considering this is read throughout the world. But let me know and tell your friends. It would help us out a lot and allow us to earn the income. I will also mail packages anywhere in the country with no guarantees on quality upon arrival. That will require you pay postage and you can use paypal to pay for it.
If you've never had fresh off the vine blackeyed peas you've missed a treat. They are great raw on salads along with being cooked. Have the dried ones peat all to pieces.

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