Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Throwing a life preserver

8/25/09 Tuesday
I’m exhausted. Picked peas till one in the morning and got up at 5:00 to make it to the Big Spring farmer’s market. Didn’t sleep much in between. The market was pretty dead and the guy set up next to me said that Tuesday are always slow. I was worried about even selling enough to cover the thirty dollar sign up fee till a lady stopped and bought forty dollars worth of peas. It was nice to meet new people but I won’t make this a habit. Now I have fifty pounds of blackeyed peas sitting here that will spoil fairly quick. I must take a nap. Was falling asleep driving home. Then I head to Midland. It’s a poop scoop day and I want to work on a lady’s garden, to help her out. There are things in her life I wish to help her sort out but it’s a difficult thing. When you see someone drowning you want to throw them a life preserver, but they may not accept it. But my problem is I’m not even sure I know what life preserver to throw out there.

So pray for wisdom for me. It’s nap time.


Misty said...

heya, how much are the peas? I will see what I can do about posting a note or somthing where I work!


Bob said...

I'm selling 2# bags for $5.00 and ten pound bags for $20.00. At the Midland farmer's market on Saturday we sell out in an hour. Email me at bobcarver2@yahoo.com. I'll deliver if it's more than two bags. Also probably have cantaloupe and maybe Golden Honeydew.

Anonymous said...

ok :) thanks. Already had one teacher show interest in a 20pound bag. Will be in touch! :)


Bob said...

Misty, email me bobcarver2@yahoo.com and I'll give you my phone #
I'm going to Midland where I'll find a corner to set up and sell the peas. This will be today (Wednesday) and I'll probably get there around 3:30 or 4:00