Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heard from my sister

8/15/09 Saturday
I just heard from my sister. Dad’s MRI’s showed that his tumor has shrunk a little. That’s good news. She just got back from Houston and took him to the nursing home he has to stay in during this ordeal. It was good to hear from her. I’m always nervous when I communicate with her, worried about saying something wrong and also about what she thinks of me. I always worry about things like that and in addition the fear that my brother continues to bad mouth me is prevalent too. Whether that fear is legitimate or not I don’t know, but it has a foundation of his past performance. Past performance is a good indicator of future behavior.

It’s hot already. I planted the castor bean plants way out beyond the five acres we cleared. Looks like four, maybe five, will make it. I planted them so far away because they are extremely poisonous. That’s why I’m growing them, for the poisonous beans. They are perfect for killing gophers and gophers are our biggest pest when it comes to furry things. Hard to believe that’s where castor oil comes from. You have to wonder who in their right mind went to the trouble of figuring out how to make castor oil, and then tried it, out of something poisonous like that. Come to find out castor oil is healthy. Go figure.

So that’s done. I was going to the farmers market but there is just too much to do and I don’t want to waste the morning when it’s not yet near a hundred degrees. That’s why I’m sitting here on this stupid laptop wasting time? OK, got to get back out, kick the tiller in gear and start playing in the dirt. Then it’s hoe time in the continual fight against sticker grass. By the way, the bees are gone. Just left. That’s strange. But I’m not complaining. Bye.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your dads tumor has shrunk! That is great news!

I have seen bees do that as well.. thousands of them in a tree.. and by the time I got to my phone to make a phone call about them, and the time the so got there which was not alot of time.. the bees were gone.. all of them.. lol


Bob said...

Hey Misty, Good to hear from you. The bees came back today (Monday) But being honey bees they are not aggressive so I'm just going to let them be. Several of them make inside the house and die. I suspect that the honey they are stealing is contaminated from the many bug foggers we threw down there to kill the three or four swarms that had come before.