Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great pictures

8/16/09 Sunday
It was 103 today and I felt it. Didn’t do much outside at all but had to do something. Couldn’t just stay in all day after church. So I weeded the strawberries and repaired the damaged drip line I discovered there. Then I ran the tractor scraping weeds till the reverse stopped working. That doesn’t take long anymore. As soon as it gets hot it stops popping into reverse. Frustrating. I’ve got a $3800 dollar machine that I can only use for short periods of time. It’s starting to hesitate going forward some now. We just noticed that the Mahindra tractor dealership changed it’s name, indicating that Ronnie no longer owns it. Still would be nice to get one of those but not possible. I learned of an International I can pick up for six grand but right now we’re having to save up to buy me a pair of boots. Having to pay the ticket doesn't help. That costs more than the boots would.

I got some great pictures of a thunderstorm yesterday. Damn thing went around us so we didn’t get a drop of rain. I’ve learned how to get all of one of these big pictures in, more or less. I make a video and pan across the scene. What ya think?

It took 28 tries to upload the video. Ended up reducing the quality and sending it as Quicktime.

First thing tomorrow I must run to the constables office and pay the ticket for not getting the truck inspected. It was due Friday but we forgot all about it. Hope there isn’t a penalty or something for being a day late. We’ll see. Hell they might have issued a warrant for my arrest. Doubt it but you never know. Can’t blog from jail so if you don’t hear from me come make my bail, OK?

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