Friday, August 28, 2009

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8/28/09 Friday
3:41 – Just came in from running the tractor, disking as much of the five acres as I can. I ran it for about four hours, until it ran out of the five gallons of gas I put in. That kicked my ass. I have a big headache now and sitting in that hard tractor seat for so long didn’t do me any good either. Walking is difficult now. The paralysis of my right leg is evident as it usually is when I get tired or sit for a while. I wonder if the headache is connected to the clouds of pollen and seeds the tractor kicked up as I drove through the three foot high jungle of weeds. This stuff kept getting in my eyes, making it hard to see. While out there I found some renegade watermelon plants that had sprung up from seeds left when the dogs broke open melons last year. They must have sprung up when we got those July rains. It was a surprise. I didn’t disk them up so will go back out and see if they are ripe. There was only two or three that might be but everything is drying up now.

This is a killer headache but I have things to do. Top of the list is to pick as many blackeyed peas as I can for the market tomorrow. We’re pretty much broke now and Cherie won’t get her check till Monday. It’s a poop scoop day and we must by dog food as they are all the way out so I’ll be running to Midland after I cool off and the aspirin hopefully reduces the headache.

I’ve been working to get Dr. Ron some speaking engagements or at least meetings with churches to get support for his ministry. Here’s a copy of his bio. It’s something else.

Married to wife Paula in 1971.
Two sons—Brad is age 34 and is a carpenter & missionary to Latin America; Ronnie is age 36 and is a teacher in California . They are both married and have a one son both born in 2007.
Rhodes Scholar designate
President Lyndon B. Johnson National Merit Scholar
Ph.D.—Ancient History
Ph.D.—International Relations
Th.D.—Historical Theology
-Author of numerous books:
+ Street Walk’n was named to New York Times Best Seller’s List as well as Best Seller in the Religious Division of New York Book Review.
+ Street Walk’n Again is a continuation of Street Walk’n that approaches the subject of follow-up more in depth.
+ The Search has been reviewed by AuthorHouse and by New York Book Review as, “the most extensive and exhaustive research sources on the life of Jesus in the past 100 years.”
+ Milk to Meat new believers discipleship course is now being taught in numerous Bible Colleges and used as new believers discipleship training course in hundreds of churches in America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.
+ God’s Hidden Mysteries details through archaeological evidence and historical research some of the great mysteries of the Old Testament. Among these are the beginning, the great flood during the days of Noah, the days of Peleg, the Tower of Babel , the sacrificing of Abraham’s son, the Exodus, the fate of Jonah and many more.
+ Perfection in Stone explores the construction of and the mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Geza.
+ Along with the above mentioned, Ron has authored travel and tour manuals, travel guidebooks, educational courses, essays, educational and archaeological periodicals, and university instructional manuals.
-Recognized by Cambridge as one of the “One Thousand Greatest Americans.”
-Served as Albanian representative to the European Trade Union talks in 1994, 1995 and 1996.
-Awarded “Friend of Albania ” Medal by Albanian Prime Minister (the only westerners in Albanian history to receive such an award).
-Serve on the Board of Governors of Cambridge’s Biographical and Historical Centre
-Former member of the Board of Directors of Pacific International University.
-Member of the Board of Directors of Final Frontiers Foundation
-Director of Middle Eastern and Islamic Expansion of Final Frontiers Foundation
-CEO of the CUBIT Foundation
-CEO of the Friends of CUBIT Foundation of Switzerland
-President and CEO of the HEBRON Humanitarian Foundation
- Conducted archaeological excavations and historical explorations in 6 countries.
-Lead university educational and archaeological tours for numerous universities to 9 different countries.
-Lead humanitarian efforts and refugees support and rescue efforts in 3 different countries.
- A member of the 1990 Mt. Ararat exploration and Search for Noah’s Ark expedition, sponsored by USA , Turkey and Russia .
-Member of the 1991 expedition that discovered “fiery furnace” of Babylon , as mentioned in the book of Daniel.
-Appeared on National Geographic’s “The Incredible Search for Noah’s Ark ” documentary. This documentary was also aired on Unsolved Mysteries, the Discovery Channel, and on the History Channel.
-Appeared on Discovery Channel’s, “The Mysteries of the Bible” documentary and on their “Secrets of the Ancient World” documentary. Both of these documentaries were also shown on The History Channel and the Disney Channel.
-Appeared on PAX TV’s, “The Search for Historical Jesus” documentary. This documentary also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries and on the Hallmark Channel.
-Appeared on the History Channel’s “The Shroud of Turin” documentary. This documentary also appeared on PAX TV.
-Appeared on PTL and on the 700 Club.
-Served as a civil engineer for 12 years
-Senior pastor for 14 years in Ohio and Georgia
-Planted two churches in USA
-Planted churches in Albania , Turkey , Egypt , Syria and Sudan
-Traveled to and ministered in more than 50 countries
-Served as missionary to Albania for 6 years
-Content writer for Larry Burkett and Christian Financial Concepts
-Internet content writer for Crown Financial Ministries
-Financial counselor and budget counselor with Larry Burkett at Crown Financial Ministries.
-European co-coordinator for Final Frontiers Inc.
-CEO of The CUBIT Foundation –Providing humanitarian aid, shelter, education, in Egypt, Europe, India, Qatar, Sudan, South America, Mexico and America.
If I'd done one tenth, no one onehundredth of what Ron has I'd be a happy man.

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