Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Need to focus on what's important.

My father holding me.

8/4/09 Tuesday
I got out and to work when Cherie left for her job. As much as I need to be preparing beds for fall planting I’m constrained to fight weeds, as always with particular attention to the sticker grass. If I don’t they will once again take over. Everything is going to seed now so tilling it under just plants the seeds. There are areas of weeds that haven’t gone to seed because they are areas I had recently mowed or tilled so the weeds are still young. Three foot tall young in some cases. However I have two obligations to take care of today, along with some other tasks that are also time sensitive. First of all I need to mow the acre of land at the old store. Like everywhere weeds are thriving and need to be dealt with. That’s part of the promise I made to the old man when he made it available to me for a farmer’s market. I haven’t used it at all but still must keep up my end of the bargain. Plus it’s a poop scoop day. Last week I totally forgot about that until Cherie asked “Did you poop scoop?”. I’m so glad she reminded me. Also it’s time to do laundry so I’ll squeeze that in, maybe. In addition I want to visit Geneva, the sweet little old lady I met a couple or three weeks ago. She called last week to say thanks for the blackeyed peas I dropped off but mostly to let me know she would love for me to stop by. I’ll pick some basil to take to her.

Despite all the things I need to do outside I must focus on something else. I always plan to do tasks like work on the business plan, and now write a letter to my father and my brother also, when I come in from working outside. Unfortunately, by the end of the day I’m exhausted and don’t think as clear as I do in the morning. Because of that these things don’t get touched. Despite the fact that it is still cool, or at least not hot, outside I must write the letters this morning. Otherwise they won’t get done at all. That means I’ll be out in the heat of the day and the heat has returned. But I’m out in it anyway. So it just means I won’t get as much done.


Amy said...

I love your pictures Bob, I love looking at Black and White photos.

Would you be willing to help me post my pictures? I have downloaded the Picasa Web Album, but do not know how to link it to my blog. Any help is appreciated.

Have a great day Bob!

Bob said...

I'll get with you latter on that. Probably after 7:00 or so if that works. We can chat it on messenger of facebook perhaps. That way I can work through it with you. I can't remember if you use blogspot or someone else. Blogspot has it set up, or at least did. You know how things change. I use Picasa to export my pictures to folders in the pictures section. When I do that I reduce them to 800 pixels. Then Blogger can find them. Can't find picasa itself for some reason.