Saturday, August 01, 2009

Time's a'wastin

July 1rst

8/1/09 Saturday
Man! It’s hard to believe August is already here. Saturday, what to do today? I got out and ran the tractor, leveling and scraping some of the plots I plan on planting soon. That will make tilling them much easier. What a blessing that tractor is, despite it’s age and many failings. On the way to do something I again saw how bad the weeds are in our “lawn?” (LOL) So I just started pulling them. Here’s a before and after picture. The first one was taken July 1 and I just went out and took the second one a few minutes ago. Thirty days, four weeks, and look what’s grown. Cherie said it brought back nightmares of when we first moved here. There was lots of rain that year and the weeds were over six feet tall in some areas. That’s over my head. Our church family came out and helped cut them all down then blessed us with a lawnmower and a really great weed wacker that I was able to get a fitting for that cut heavy two inch thick weeds. With those blessings from those great friends and examples of Christianity I can generally keep up with the weeds. It just got harder. Keeping up with weeds is easy in a drought. Even they need water to grow. A little rain and…well you can see.

There’s hundred degree temperatures on the way so I’m gonna bust my but while it’s still cool. Of course I bust my butt when it’s hot too but the heat busts my butt right back so I don’t get as much done. It’s a good thing I like to work. If I’m up to it I’ll probably wear the fisherman headlight tonight to keep going and try to get ahead of these weeds. Plus it’s time to get fall crops in the ground. I didn’t get much planted at all this spring and really am unhappy about that so hope to be more diligent this fall.

My brother’s words are still ringing in my head. I know he meant for them to hurt and they do, but not that much. Actually Cherie and I are having lots of fun with the “Severely Psychotic” statement. “Well, you know Cherie, I’m severely psychotic” I’ll jokingly say as we talk about different things. What hurts is to see his heart, how much anger and bitterness is there. But I suspect that he has an underlying purpose for saying this. When we would come to visit Minnie Lee (my now deceased grandmother) we learned that Larry would tell everyone he met that I was “not in my right mind” and crazy. This continued after her death. He even told my grandmother that and tried to make her afraid of me when she was alive, insinuating that I would harm her. Larry knows that I know this and that I know about a lot of other things he has done. So he may be trying to manipulate things so that no one would believe what I have to say. You know “He’s crazy and making this up” kind of thing. Part of me wonders if he purposefully instills this kind of thought in my father to keep us apart. I hope I’m wrong. These are just things I ponder on. I don’t really know for sure what’s in his heart and what his motives are, just know what I know and that would be what he’s said, who he said it to, and when.
My brother and I at my first wedding to Cherie. We both had a lot more hair back then. (1979)

So times a’wastin. Got to get out and attack weeds.

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