Thursday, August 06, 2009

That unseen hand

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8/6/09 Thursday
Finally finished mowing the old store. Took three days mostly because I was using his mower and it had no gumption at all, so I mowed an inch at a time to keep it from stalling out. That plus the heat and running out of steam myself. This morning I loaded up my mower and finished the job in short order. Short order being three hours. But it’s finished. There’s so much to do. I was talking to Cherie about it yesterday and said that even if I was in full health I wouldn’t be able to keep up. There are things I have neglected to do others but now I have to prioritize and decide what is most important. Writing a short piece on the business concept is urgent for it is time to generate interest. “It is time” has been a thought ringing through my head for days now. There is a timing factor that is critical. That factor involves people and available funding access. That unseen hand is pushing me forward. (Yeah, I know. Sounds a big schizophrenic. But to some so is believing in God)

Last night I was up till 1:00 looking online for a motherboard. Found one used for $124.00, refurbished for $227.00, and new for $399.00. I think we’ll go for refurbished and hope for the best.

But I am tired. Grabbed a burger at Sonic despite not liking them and not wanting to eat unhealthy crap like hamburgers. It was expedient and saved time. Plus I could get one of those 44 oz cups that I use so much. Keep them filled all day long as I work outside so I can always have lots to drink. The last one got “nasty” (Cherie’s words) so Cherie threw it out.

Went out and shaved down the end of the handle for the hoe that I broke yesterday, carved it to fit the sleeve on the hoe. Then I turned off the water that had been running since this morning and chopped down some weeds around the drive. All the while I’ve been thinking on how to write this one section of the business plan. It’s the least business part of the plan, basically painting a picture with words of my vision. With this picture in mind people will have a much clearer idea of what will be as they read the rest. Actually I think it will inspire a few to help me develop the plan. God is putting in place those He’s chosen to help.

So nuff said. Got to write.
A recent sunset. Last night or the night before I don't know. Left my camera outside on a fence post and just had to go find it.

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