Monday, August 17, 2009

The wonder of restoration.

8/17/09 Monday
Paying the ticket went fine. No questions or problems at all. It looks like my court date will be September 30th on the speeding portion. I’ll meet with the prosecutor beforehand, as Sharon, the attorney in our Sunday school class, advised, to see if he will dismiss it. That would save everyone a lot of time and money, me, the court, and the state trooper who would have to take time off to come to court.

It’s hot out again. Imagine that, hot in the desert. Go figure. I did some work on a plot I hope to plant soon and ran the tiller over some of the drip irrigation hose. That made a mess that I must now fix. Today it’s hard for me to think, to decide what I will do. I’ve had lots of good clearheaded days so this is a disappointing return to previous states. It’s not too bad, not a major slowdown or anything, just hard to figure out what I need to or should do. It’s so strange to be me. I’m brilliant one moment and a moron the next. Like I’ve said before “I’m either the smartest stupid person, or the stupidest smart person you will ever meet. It just depends on what moment you meet me”. That’s my attempt to find humor in the situation. Better to laugh than cry.

I’m getting involved with this Facebook thing. Never did it before despite registering way back at the request of Jacob the Jew (See the link to his blog on the right) It was just too confusing for me then. I’m better able to not get lost and confused when I attempt to access it’s gimmicks and methods of communicating. What is simple for others can be a great source of frustration for me. But the fact that I am able to do so now is a good indication of how my mind is improving and further repairing itself. Despite that I have my ups and downs, but more ups nowadays.

The motherboard I ordered for my laptop is on backorder. Hopefully we will get it soon. When we do I will be able to access my hard drive and thus information I gathered for the business plan. Providing I’m able to put the totally dismantled laptop back together again. Kind of like Humpty Dumpty. We’ll see. Because I can access picture by picture instructions to do so I don’t think it will be a problem.

On another note, one of the new friends I met on Facebook has an eight year old child who has a rare form of cancer in his throat. Another friend is going through a divorce and she just had a baby last month. How heart wrenching these things are to hear. Then there was the mother of three who had to leave her husband because of severe abuse. She was homeless without a car or even a job with all three of her children along. She wasn’t accepted at Fair Haven’s because she didn’t meet the qualifications so she went to another place with the word “Safe” in it’s name. She didn’t feel safe at all so left. I just learned she moved back with her husband. I mention all of this because no matter how bad it seems I see that there are many who have much more on their table. One of the goals I have with the vision for this place is to provide help for those in the community. I can’t help everyone but if we can help just one, we’ve done something. It’s my heart to help others. Always has been as long as I can remember going back to childhood.

It appears that Cherie and I will have a chance to tell our story, of the miracle of our marriage being restored and for that matter the miracle of my being alive at all. This will be at a luncheon at First Baptist Church in Midland. The date is tentatively set for September 28 but may change. We will have a half hour to share about this wonder of restoration with all who attend. I’m putting together a series of pictures to augment this testimony. Cherie and I will take turns speaking, each telling of our view of the events that led up to the divorce and then the ones that led to our finding each other again. When the date is set in stone I’ll announce it. This will be open to the public so all can come.

Here's Ron and I in the lobby of the church he founded and built from scratch. I had the honor of being there and being a part of it all.

Geeze, I just looked at the clock and can’t believe it’s already 2:00. I think I’m done outside for now. Just too hot. But there’s plenty for me to do inside, mostly writing. One of the tasks now on my agenda is to see if I can get my friend and mentor, Dr. Ron Charles, scheduled to appear on the GLC Christian television network. So with that in mind I’ll post this and call it quits. As soon as that’s done I’m contacting GLC so see ya latter. Got things to do.
As I worked to post this, looking up pictures to put on, I started having chest pains. It’s happened before so I took two aspirin like I always do. Now the pain has traveled to my right temple as well. I think I’ll lay down a bit. Ears are ringing.
3:09 - This is different. Ears are still ringing and now have a bad headache. Feeling a little dizzy too. Plus I’m tired, just exhausted. Got me worried a little.
I'm better now. Took two more aspirin and laid down. It passed.

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