Friday, August 21, 2009

Picked a new pair of boots

8/21/09 Friday
Well, I picked me a new pair of boots, quite literally. Yesterday I spent most of the day delivering blackeyed peas we picked the day before. It earned us enough money to buy the boots I so badly needed. Hard work and the grace of a neighbor allowed me to get a new pair of boots. So here they are. You can bet that I’ll try my best to wear them out again. With winter coming they should last a little longer but I plan on working harder through the winter to be prepared for spring planting. Learned my lesson from being unprepared this year.

Cherie and I went to see the Texas veterans rep about the disability dispute. He looked at everything and explained that the bureaucrats with the VA were so swamped they don’t do a good job. He was nicer about it than me because I know that VA offices that deal with disability across the country have been busted by federal investigations for just throwing out, or conveniently misplacing thousands of applications for disability and that some soldiers applications have been “lost” up to four times. Anyway, he will appeal the decision and resubmit the paperwork. So when all is said and done it will be a lot better.

That’s it for now. I’m not real speedy and have a new pair of boots to put some miles on so see ya next time.
Here's something else I wish I could go to. Unfortunately it is down near Houston and would cost $170 bucks plus whatever it cost to get there and find a place to sleep. I'd be happy to take a tent and camp out. Education is what I need most when it comes to building this farm.

September 17 & 18, 2009 Brenham, TX
Hosted by: HOMEsweetFARM
Join us for this two-day event designed to help new and experienced growers get the job done. Network and meet with experts in the field for technical discussions and then experience hands-on farm tours and training to deepen your understanding. Lunch includes seasonal surprises prepared by some of the leading Texas chefs promoting local food…
Dr. Joe Novak Dr. Joe Masabni Pam Walker Patty Lovera
Pamela Hornby John Ferguson Ben Godfrey Brad Stufflebeam
Classroom sessions with technical discussions on diversified vegetable farming, disease and pest controls, propagation techniques, marketing, variety selection and more from experienced experts in the field.
Technical Farm Tour will be in the field at HOMEsweetFARM, a 22 acre diversified CSA vegetable farm serving the Houston area. Demonstrations covering tractor and horse power on the farm, greenhouse production, bed preparation, soil amendments, cover crops, rotational grazing, irrigation, equipment, planting techniques, distribution, customer care and much more.
Includes a local/organic lunch filled with seasonal surprises prepared by Chef Joe Apa of T’afia, Houston and Chef Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due, Austin
Do not miss this unique event.
For more information and to register online visit
Call 979-251-9922 Email
Made possible by…

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