Monday, August 31, 2009

Start of another week

8/31/09 Monday
It’s the start of another week. The weather has cooled off some with the high today predicted to be only 90. I’m feeling lightheaded this morning and went through that yesterday as well. It might be connected to using the tractor to disc up more weeds, thus stirring up clouds of pollen and seeds that I inhaled. Probably should wear a mask. I had a bad headache afterwards and developed an ear ache as well. Don’t know if that’s related to the pollen of not but the throat feels a little raw this morning.

Another potential factor in the lightheaded thing is that I am weaning myself from the seizure medicine. I talked to the doctor about this when I saw him last week. He said take it slow and careful and that if I had a seizure to get back on the meds. I haven’t had a major one for about five years and that was the only one we know of for sure. But it’s possible I had others while homeless or living somewhat isolated in St Louis and just don’t remember. I remember waking up with furniture knocked over and cuts and bruises on me with no idea of what happened. Regardless I desire to be off medications as much as possible. I talked to the doc about my concerns regarding the Acetaminophen in my pain medication because of the FDA’s announcement that it causes liver damage. Having had TB and Hepatitis C in the past, plus doing some heavy drinking, my liver is a big concern and something I desire to protect as much as possible. He said that all the pain meds without Acetaminophen listed seizures as a potential side effect so didn’t want to change my prescription. That sucks. The pain meds absolutely allow me to work and have a degree of quality of life.

So I plan on a busy day, as I always plan. I’ll be running into Midland to see the missions director at First Baptist, where I’ll present Dr. Ron’s information packet. He said I didn’t have to make a special trip and could just mail it but I replied that it was important to me and I would make a special trip. He will look at it and take it to Pastor Dyer, who must approve the speakers for the Wednesday services. Hope it works out.

Friday I donned my fisherman’s headlight and picked blackeyed peas till 2:00 in the morning for the Saturday farmer’s market. I managed to pick about eighty pounds before I hurt too much to pick any more. Wish I could have because I sold out in 21 minutes. We earned nearly two hundred dollars but I could have easily sold three times that much. A lady saw I was overwhelmed and helped me bag them for the customers. I was grateful and gave her all the cantaloupe she wanted. She only took two and wanted to pay for them. One of these days I will get it together and perhaps can afford some help harvesting. There’s good money in farming but it takes money to make money.

I also hope the light head, headache, ringing ears thing clears up and doesn’t turn into a slowdown. Plus I’m tired, which doesn’t make sense as I slept well and it’s early, only 9:30. But for now I’ll attack weeds. See ya.

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