Friday, August 14, 2009

Got some rain

8/14/09 Friday
We just got some rain. It’s 8:20 in the evening. It isn’t coming down hard at all and looks like it will pass over us pretty quick but we’ll take all the rain we can get. There was this rainbow that came with it. Too bad I don’t have one of those wide angle lenses or I could have gotten both sides of it. So I got two pictures, one of the right side and the other the left. I like how it shows the oil well and in the background you can see the wind turbines generating electricity. Click to enlarge it and you can see them on the horizon. Two forms of energy that West Texas generates.

Mostly I ran the mower today. Pushed real hard this morning to get as much done while it was cool as I could. That was good exercise for sure but wore me out pretty quick. You know your mowing hard when you get short of breath, or that you’re out of shape. Perhaps both.

I have been having great conversations with the orthodox Jew I met online. I love to learn and there is much this person can teach I think. We talked about Moslems and the fact that world leaders are kissing their asses and selling Israel out in the process. Along with selling their own countries out as well. That includes America. It’s all about hate and oil. What’s fascinating is that this is all unfolding just as the prophecies in the bible predicted. It’s like the bible is a roadmap for the end of days. Just uncanny how accurate it is.

That’s it. Not much to say today. Enjoy the pictures.

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