Thursday, October 01, 2009

Already October???

10/1/09 Thursday
It’s October already. Geese, where’s the time go. It’s going to hit about ninety degrees today and the humidity is up there, in the 80’s so I want to get as much outdoor work done as I can before it gets too nasty. Cherie had a nightmare last night that made her real sad. In it she married someone else. She’s had some rough days at work with things, like copiers, not working right so that’s stressed her out. We are beginning to start the day with prayer now. This is something new and another result of my seeking God and the slow restoration of my faith. I sure have a long way to go but at least am pointing in the right direction.

I’ll finish up the tractor work this morning. Just have a few more area’s to disc. We have some breathing room financially so I plan on buying rye seed to put down for fall. I never planted fall crops, just lost my heart after learning of how bad the water is. Our friend, Al, is in the water softening or treating business and tested our water while he and Wally were out looking at what it takes to repair the wall. He said that he has clients who’s water is three times worse than ours is. He primarily deals with the house water that you drink and cook with. We use bottled water for that. Our concern is farm irrigation and the long term effects of chloride buildups in the soil.

I want to drill my own water well and have devised a mental plan on how to do it. Before the invention of the drilling head that Howard Hughes patented they used to drill oil wells by pounding a bit through the ground. It was primitive but it worked. You can see an example of this at the petroleum museum in Midland. Just a pointed heavy piece of steel attached to a rope that was raised and dropped, thousands of times, and thus hammered its way through the dirt and rock. So I’m thinking I can set up an old windmill tower and hook up a rope and pulley at the top. Then I need to locate a piece of metal pipe and a solid chunk of steel that comes to a point. Finding that will be the hard part. I’m not in a hurry and really want to get in shape so figure that if I can just pound down three feet in a day I’d have it done in a year or so. Our current well is 91 feet deep so I’m guestimating that at the most I’ll have to go 120 or so feet deep. By the time I’m done I’ll look like some kind of body builder. This will probably not happen but it would be fun and interesting to try, plus a good work out. Besides it would save the three to four thousand dollars it costs to drill a well, and there’s no guarantee you’d find water if you do. If any of y’all have some old steel lying around I could use drop me an email.

That’s it for this morning.

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