Saturday, April 22, 2006

Been gone, been busy

Sorry folks. I'm stuck on dial up cause the free wi fi I was tapping into from the bar is apparently out of order.

4/21/06 Friday
This will be a busy day. I am starting out meeting Jeff at Waffle House where I am at as I write this. Here I am sure we will talk about the deep meanings of life and how to save the world. After that I intend to pick up Eileen and start helping her with the fight against greed regarding the estate of her husband. Damn. I should have grabbed the stuff


4/22/06 Saturday
I missed yesterday on this journal. It was a busy day and there is much to reconstruct. I saw Jeff coming into the restaurant while I was in mid sentence and that was the end of writing for the day. I got allot done, at least I think so. Jeff and I had a good visit but I can’t remember what we talked about. It’s been awhile so I lots to catch him up on. He let me know how things were in his world. The divorce seems to be coming to a close and that is always a release, a weight off the shoulders.

I called Eileen from the parking lot so I wouldn’t be on the cell while driving. She’s been up and ready but didn’t feel to good. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes” I warned her and headed out.

Man!! What a change I see in Eileen. She is bouncing around with an energy I haven’t seen before. The last time I saw her I complimented her on how she was taking the time to...(I’m not sure how to say this without sounding rude)…She put on make up, OK.

Eileen is happy, just beaming, in love again with her first love. This is kind of reminiscent of Cherie and I finding each other again. Mick is the father of her first child, lost at birth. There was a sad parting between them, the details of which I don’t know. I know the emotions were strong then as well as the connection between the two.

Mick was all she was talking about. Eileen showed me all the things Mick bought her like a child showing off it’s birthday presents. I loved it. She so deserves to have a good man and be treated right. For twenty six years she was the house keeper and servant to her husband and was absolutely not used to being treated this way. You know how it is, when your best friend is happy your happy with them.

I just felt great for her and listened, enthralled by how this is turning out. “Your probably tired of hearing about Mick. That’s all I’m talking about” she told me. “Eileen, Do you remember when I first got back with Cherie?” I asked. “Yes” was her response so I explained “That was all I talked about then wasn’t it? So I understand. Keep going”.

Eileen was the first person I was able to find when I first got back to Toledo after the wreck. I would sign out of the VOA, where I was placed by the court under a sort of house arrest, and go walking on the East Side of Toledo. This was where my companies had been and where I spent allot of time, so more of it was familiar to me. I first walked past the building that had housed my companies. This was at the time I was starting to reconstruct my memory. I did this by seeking out anything that was familiar because that would often unlock memories.

For four days I walked up and down the streets looking for Eileen’s house. I finally found the right street but wasn’t sure if the house I was looking at was the right one till I studied the one next to it. I knew then that I had lived in the house next to Eileen but it didn’t look right. “Ahh the hec with it” I said as I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. If was the wrong one I would at least know that.

There was a commotion of dogs barking and I heard a voice telling them “Shut up. Geeze you dogs”. Then the door opened and Eileen saw me. She had a strange questioning look as she studied my face intently. Her jaw literally dropped and she said “Bob? Is that you?”. “Hi Eileen” I simply said. “I thought you were dead, they said you were dead!” She let me know. Glen was there and amazed to see me. I explained things to them as best I could. This was just a year after I woke up so I was still in bad shape. The house next door was the one I had lived in with Yolanda (I’ll have to explain that later). Despite having lived next to Eileen’s house it took me four days to find it. I would walk and just get lost, forgetting where I was and how I got there.

For those of you that don’t know, Eileen was my secretary for twelve years or so. She was there when know one else was at the end of my slide into madness. She is my best friend and Cherie and I both love her. Eileen holds the keys to many of my memories for she saw more of me than anyone else. She told me about when I threw my ex, Barb, out of the company, telling her “I can’t believe you!! You’re impossible to work with. Get the hell out of here! Go home!”. I don’t actually remember that moment, though I wish I did, but it helped me remember that I had asked Barb to help or she had insisted. Don’t really know for sure but she was there. She had trashed both of my companies while I was doing time in 1992 and was trying to tell me how to run them. Anyway, that will be a part of the story I’ll have to get to later.

I get side tracked easily so back to yesterday. Eileen and I visited for a long time. She showed me a picture of Mick with an apology. “I know he looks like a hippy but he’s a good man. He’s allot better than he looks” Eileen said as she studied my face for approval. I laughed and told her “Do you remember me? I was a hippy too. I like this guy. The more you tell me about him the more I want to meet him”. Eileen has the lack of self worth that comes with twenty six years of being a servant that had to jump when called. That is getting better now, which is great to see.

“Hey Eileen! We need to get going” I let her know. She hemmed and hawed. “What good will this do? Why do I even have to do this?” she said so I explained it again “Eileen, this will get Vera off your ass. This will protect you. Lets go”.

I got her loaded in the car and we drove off with Eileen talking about how nice the Caddy was. There was a nice car in her driveway instead of the old beat up car she had before. “That’s a nice looking car Eileen” I asked with a statement. Eileen pulled a piece of paper from the overstuffed folder she had full of the documents I had asked her to find. “Look at this. I’ve never had one of these before. It’s a car title” Eileen enthusiastically. She told me how she had answered an ad for a car and found a relative who she hadn’t known before. He gave her a great deal on the car so this is the nicest car she’s driven. I love watching good things come to good people.

We went
Thats as far as I got with the journal. Something distracted me and that was it.

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