Friday, April 28, 2006

Life moves on

4/28/06 Friday
Things have brightened up for us now. I thought about getting Larry to pay what he promised me he would from what he stole out of our mother’s estate but I think he would just lie like he did several times before about it. It would be nice if he could be man enough to just be honest instead of telling me whatever he thinks will put me off for a while.

I got Cherie to work this morning. She made a point of getting to bed early last night because she has been so tired in the morning. She was not rushed and late this morning like she often is. Cherie was in a somber mood and I had a hard time cheering her up. There is so much change before us and change is always traumatic to one degree or another. For us it will be major change with much uncertainty. We will be pulling up our roots and venturing out to a whole new world. So much to plan for, so much to decide, and so much to do. It can be overwhelming and is particularly so for Cherie who has a tendency to take the world on her shoulders. She did make a list of things for me to do today which is good. I always ask her to share the burdens but she still takes it all on herself. She loves me and enjoys doing things for me but she needs to give herself a break.

I had my Friday breakfast with Jeff at the Waffle House. We talked about Texas and the dreams we have for the farm. He found those plans to be fascinating and looking at me said “Farmer Bob huh, you got the hat yet”. I let him know that out in Texas a hat was a prerequisite because of the sun. “You should have a sombrero” Jeff joked. It was a good breakfast as it always is. Jeff filled me in on some of the issues at his company. It seems that when four people got fired from their job at a pharmacy they trashed the place on the way out, turning over displays and picnic tables. Jeff naturally dismissed them from his company (a temporary employment agency). So what do they do? They run to the civil rights commission and file discrimination charges because they are black. Now Jeff has to go through all kinds of paperwork crap. He tells me that it is common for companies to avoid all this and settle by paying “damages”. It seems to be a well known fact in that culture (or whatever you call it) so they cry racism all the time to get paid. Our government at work, subsidizing stupidity. “Hey, we’ll pay you for being an ass”.

After that I went and did everything on the list Cherie gave me. Then I went to Ed Schmidt and talked with the general manager about Fred’s situation. He was sympathetic and said he will do what he can, possibly get Fred in another car. He didn’t think putting an engine in the Caddy would be a good idea because the car costs so much to maintain. That’s a good point. When spark plug wires cost $299 that’s a clue. He got my number and will see what he can put together. We will see how this works out.

I called Fred when I got back to let him know. He asked if I had some time this afternoon to take him for a haircut so that’s what I will be doing in about ten minutes. I’ll see if I can get this posted first.
Wow! I just checked my mapstats and followed one of the threads (if that’s the correct term) It led to a site called Omaha Injury Board(Hey Byron, thanks for showing me how to do this link thing)
In it the editor said he was an avid reader of my blog and recommended it. I am humbled? amazed? Something I can’t find a word for now, but it makes me feel good that others are interested in my life and that it may have a positive impact. Cherie and I went out for dinner and I told her about this. “Really? That’s so good! Wow!” she said. I puckered my face into it’s “I’m a little kid” look and told her “Somebody likes me”. I know it sounds corny but that’s a tinge of what it feels like.

I ran over to Allen’s to check on how he’s doing. He looked like crap and said he had been throwing up. “I forced myself to eat and fixed a big healthy dinner. You shoulda seen the pork chop! It was this big!” he exclaimed as he held his fingers about three inches apart. “Allen, it’s good you forced yourself to eat but eat a few small meals instead of stuffing down a ton of stuff after not eating for a day or so” I tried to reason with him. He kinda brushed it off so I know I didn’t get through. I talked with him a bit. He used his foodstamp card for the first time which is good but he needs more. Food’s one thing but the rest of his body needs medical attention.

Cherie and I discussed this and I told her “Allen’s body is coming apart. He’s been incredibly stressed for a few years, he’s taking allot of pain meds, he’s been working hard labor since he was seven so he has arthritis, he’s beat”. I could see Cherie feel this as I talked. I guess I conveyed the sadness of Allen’s plight fairly well. To feel others pain is to understand, thus bringing compassion.

That’s all for today folks. It’s 7:30. I know that’s early but that’s the way it is.


ByronB said...

Hey! You did the link thing!
That's really interesting about the large number of brain injuries suffered by Iraq war veterans. I read Kayla Williams book "Love My Rifle More Than You" recently, and she mentions that she is involved with a guy called Shane Kelly who suffered brain trauma out there. More lives saved by body armour, though - that's a plus.

Bob said...

Now that I understand and live with brain injury I can recognize it in others. Two of the people I help have Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from being beat with objects like pipes. Wayne's MS is a deterioration of his nervous system and brain. His symptoms are the same as many that come with brain injury.