Monday, April 17, 2006

Never fear, UnderBob is here

4/17/06 Monday
It is a bright shiny day out and I have a bright shiny mind this morning. It will be a busy day for me. Starts with taking Fred and Barb to Page Plus cell phones for what I plan to make a confrontational meeting. They sold her a used cell phone as new. I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website and see they don’t have a good reputation.

At 2:00 I take Wayne to the Zeph Center where I will discuss with his case worker NPI’s refusal to move Wayne. Perhaps they will have some suggestions on how to proceed or get more involved, perhaps calling NPI. Don’t know but I’m not dropping this one. I think I will contact the political section of this city. That would be the mayors office and Congress woman Marcy Kaptur, who is one of the few politicians I am impressed with.

At some point I need to go to Kroger and let them know their computer failed to give me my discount on gas.

Looks like I have scheduled a day of complaining. That is disturbing in a way because I really don’t have much tolerance for whiners in general. But I can “Justify” my whining by golly. I’m becoming a professional bitcher but I bitch to get right things done, to correct the evils of the world. I need to order my super hero uniform and cape. What kind of a clever name should I take for myself??? Superman is taken and the Joker was a bad guy so that won’t work. What fits? Super Bitch is too feminine. This I will have to think on.... Here’s one from the old cartoons. I can hear it now… “Ta da Dat de daaa, Never fear, UnderBob is here”. Yeah, that might work. The disabled helping the disabled. That pretty much describes what I do. Kinda like the blind leading the blind.

Well it’s off I go, to fight for the rights of the weak and helpless, to force bureaucrats to actually do their job. I can hear them shaking in their boots now, knowing “UnderBob” is coming.
Sounds good but I really just need to take a shower and eat something. Besides I suspect that the bureaucrats just say “There’s that A..hole coming. What a pain in the ass”. Hey, Whatever works.

There is no life without death. This is a truth we see every day. Just as this tree dies it gives life to that which feeds on its remains. It is the way of things, a cycle that will not be broken.

12:02 – That was loads of not fun. It started with Ahmed coming out at the same time Fred and I did. He walked up to the car and told me he had taken the girl back to Chicago. “I know” I told him hoping it would be the end of the conversation. Nooo, I’m not going to be that lucky. Ahmed went on to tell me how she had gone down to using only three packs of heroin (or crack, who knows what he was buying her) from seven. He was smiling like he had really done something and was proud, bragging about what a good guy he was. “She lied to me. She was starting problems for me with some guy” Ahmed began to explain. I didn’t beat around the bush (I seldom do). “Ahmed, she’s a coke whore. She's just using you. You don’t help a drug addict by buying them drugs. That’s stupid. I told you she needed to be in a program. There is no way you can do this by yourself” I unleashed. He said she was too young to be in a program and other inane things. It got old and I got tired of talking to "nobody there" so I cut him short. “Good by Ahmed” I said as I closed the door. He got the message. Fred and I commented on that as I drove to Barb’s.

Basil was hiding in Barb’s. I could see him trying to lean back in the chair so he was behind the door. Barb went through her usual elaborate ruse of locking the door and got in the car. I drove them to Cricket and went in with the concept of getting involved and straightening things out. Not going to happen. Barb says “Quit talking Bob, I know what’s wrong with my phone” so fine, I quit. I went and sat down and let Fred and Barb take care of it. The guy was waffling around when Fred threw a fit “I want a new phone damn it. I paid $179 dollars for it and it doesn’t work”. As he was working himself up the guy looked at his boss and they agreed to get a new phone. I suppose that was more effective than anything I would have done cause they were probably scared Fred would have a heart attack and die.

Barb told Fred that the heater he bought for her didn’t work anymore. He suggested I go in and look at it but that was met with a quick response. “It’s broke Fred. There’s nothing he can do” She stated derisively. When we pulled up Fred suggested that again and Barb was really not happy with that. I already know why. She doesn’t want me to know Basil is still there. I was halfway tempted to say I would go up and get it out of her apartment so we could return it but I really don’t care anymore. She’s a grown woman and despite her brain damage can still make her own decisions. Nothing I can say there. We all live with the choices we make.

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