Monday, April 24, 2006

Can't keep up, too much going on

4/23/06 Sunday
This is a good morning. While I am not too speedy I am still doing well. Cherie and I are going to the Art Museum to see the Tiffany show that will end soon.

4/24/06 Monday
I am not real clear headed this morning. Running a 4 or 5 on the Bob scale. Yesterday was a hard day also. The museum was great and there is little doubt on Louis Tiffany’s artistic talent. When we went in the doors of the museum I got that confusion that often comes when I am in unfamiliar territory. I looked at Cherie and said “Cherie, I’m going to depend on you to take the lead here. You make the decisions”. This was one of those days I get lost and confused easily.

Cherie and I took Fred’s car down to Ed Schmitz this morning. The car barely made it there. It stalled a few times and was putting out some nasty fumes. I think it is in the lower end. Sounded like it was about to throw a rod. I explained to the service manager what was going on and left the car there. Then I drove Cherie to work and came home. Poor Fred is kinda overwhelmed about this and repeatedly asked “Now be honest with me, what would you do? Should I keep the car?”.

“Fred” I said “Your screwed either way. If you want to keep this car you have to pay. If you want to sell the car you can’t get anything for it cause the motors blown. I feel bad because you’re the one taking the hit”. The service manager called and told me that the reason this happened was because Firestone had done everything wrong. They used the wrong spark plugs and basically knocked all the carbon loose so it is clogging up the motor. He gave me a base price of $700 and said that was just the start. He also said he didn’t think there was a rod knock but that will be evident later.

I talked to Fred and again answered the “What should I do” question. “Fred, you’re going to have to spend the money to do this right, otherwise you don’t have a car.” I explained and he gave me permission to spend seven hundred “But no more” Fred admonished.

Instead of calling I drove over to Ed Schmitz and talked to the service manager. After giving him the green light I asked if he could document all the things that were done wrong by Firestone. I will try to recover the two hundred plus Fred spent at Firestone to have a job done so poorly.

The phone just rang. It was Patrick Duffy, the lawyer from Texas. It took a few seconds for my mind to identify this name. Patrick told me he had gotten a letter from McGilvray showing the inventory of the estate. We talked with me trying to keep up with what was being said. That was hard because I am not real speedy this morning. I slowed Patrick down a couple of times, explaining I was getting confused. He helped me get a mental picture of things. The mineral rights were surprisingly high but when all is said and done there should be enough cash left for Cherie and I to make the move. My original concept of having to come down and get a loan to buy Larry out with proved to be not real practical. It would be easier to get a loan after the property was in our name. It helps me when someone takes the time to work things out so I understand what is happening.

I am tired. It has been a rough few days and I am pretty worn out. I have to take Wayne to the VA today. Hope I am in better shape. Had a big breakfast because I fixed to much. Still reeling from the talk with the lawyer.

1:09 – I called Cherie to tell her about the call from Patrick Duffey. I had a hard time answering her questions and was unable to continue. I am confused as I review what I remember. It seems that the land is worth $80,000 and there is one hundred ten or so thousand in the checking account and CDs. I heard Patrick say that Larry would get a check for $80,000 and then would get half of what was left, leaving me with twenty thousand or so. It really isn’t adding up to me. If Larry gets a check for $80,000 wouldn’t that cover the forty grand his half of the land is worth and half the cash?


ByronB said...

My maths agree with yours, Bob. Get the lawyer to put it in black and white, enail or letter, that's the best bet!

Bob said...

I pretty much have to do everything in writing. Unfortunatly my memory not reliable so I can't trust my recollections.