Monday, April 03, 2006

A good Omen

4/3/06 Monday
A good omen. I woke up sharp, running at least an 8 on the Bob scale. I got up, put coffee on, and started up this laptop. Normally Cherie is up this early (5:30) and doesn’t wake me up till closer to 7:00. I turned on this laptop and checked my E mail, hoping Larry had responded to the E mail I sent him regarding the inheritance. Of course I didn’t get it out till 10:30 last night and it is early so odds are he hasn’t seen it yet.

Not sure what will happen today. I must wait on Wayne to see if he can get free to do his laundry. This is Prime Time for me so I will do as much around the house as I can. I will also do some writing on one of my books. Of course I never know when Fred or one of the other’s I take care of will call. Plus I also never know how long I will stay sharp. The petite seizure’s are always lurking around the corner.

I just looked at my calendar and see I need to fix Sharon’s window so must go take care of that. It’s a good thing I keep the calendar, otherwise things would never get done.
Got that done. Sharon didn’t answer the door, which is no surprise considering the medication she is on. The window wasn’t where I had left it so I looked around and found it in the back. I took it to a hardware store that I had seen while going to her place. It will be done Wednesday morning and will cost $33.00. It took me a while to find the place because of this memory thing but not to long. Now I will check and see if Larry responded to my E mail and if not will call the attorney.

There were no E mails so I called Kelli at the law firm. She was on another line so I left a message.
I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the house. Getting as many chores done as I can while I can. I think I will call Cherie and see if she would like me to do the laundry.
We decided that if I take Wayne to the laundry mat I will take ours and do it as well.
It is 12:45. I am getting a headache and feeling weak and tired. Took some aspirin. The right ear just started ringing thing it does before a slow down. Not a good thing. As I write this I am having difficulty putting thoughts together so it is another partial seizure. At least I got some stuff done this morning. I am wondering if I gave Kelli at the law firm the right phone number. I get them mixed up sometimes. I think I will try to carve or maybe just sharpen my tools. That I can do without messing anything up.
I heard Jackie leave the apartment across the hall so, being nosey, I watched her out the window. She was taking out garbage and then walked over to Ahmed’s Firebird to look at the damage she had done last week. After that she went to the carryout and came back with a 40 oz of beer. This is an overcast and rainy day but she was wearing sunglasses. I have to wonder if Ahmed beat her for I can think of no other reason to were sunglasses on a day like today. Actually I can. I get sensitive to the light with the migraines and drug use is also known to do that.

This slow down is a physical one. Walking is difficult. The head is building up pressure as this headache grows. I took a Tramadol but if this gets worse it will be at migraine level. Then I will go hide in the bedroom. My back has been killing me since I helped Sharon move yesterday. I don’t think I will even sharpen my tools. Sitting at this computer hurts.

Kelli from Borland & Borland just called. She asked some basic questions about the will and executor and said she will talk to Mike Borland about this.
Kelli just called back and referred me to another attorney who is much more knowledgeable in the real estate area of probate. I’m going to look at their website and then call them.

I called the second firm and left a message for the attorney who handles this area. In talking to both Kelli and the lady who answered at the other firm I learned some basic things like how this all works. Much of my problem is that I am getting almost no communication to help my dim and easily confused mind understand things. Some simple written explanations go a long way. Things may have already been explained to me but I don’t have a recollection of it. That’s why written communication works well cause I can pull it out later and refresh this mind. I already don’t remember what they told me, just some parts like there is a timetable and things called testamentary letters or something. I hate being confused and in the dark.

Traumatic Brain Injury is a disability recognized by the Federal government under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). This is the same law that requires wheelchair access ramps and things like that. Because I don’t process some things well and forget parts of what I hear I require written communication. This is listed on my records at the VA. The doctors there give me their diagnosis and instructions in writing.

I am still running slow but am able to process this enough to write about it. Cherie called and asked if I went to get Wayne for his laundry. I haven’t heard from him and it is now 3:42. I suppose I should call. It is hard for me to believe how late it is. Time runs quickly when you are moving in slow motion. What would take most people, including me, five minutes to do can take me a half hour when I am at my worst.

I tried to post our picture on the profile portion of the blog but got lost trying to do so. I have tried to do this several times before with the same lack of success. I am becoming mentally fatigued, that’s a fancy way of saying I am tired. This is a part of brain injuries and from what I read will always be a problem. It is hard to stay focused. The Tramadol helped keep the headache from getting to migraine level. It’s still there, just not getting worse.

Oh. I have to re E mail Kiki and Bob because I told them we could meet for dinner Friday and that Cherie gets home around 5:00. Cherie reminded me that she has new hours and won’t get off till 7:00. Best do it now before the thought vanishes.

Wonder of wonders. Larry called and talked to me nice and quietly. No demanding or telling me how it will be. He said “I just read your E mail. I didn’t know you didn’t know how this worked”. he didn’t know I didn’t know what was going on. I suppose he thought I was psychic and just knew everything. He said there was so much money in CD’s and so much was in the checking account. I asked him how he knew that when both the lawyer and Virginia told me they did not know. He didn’t have a clear answer for me. I explained that I would make no decisions till everything was officially laid out. I will still consult with an attorney on this. Larry said he would tell me how much money there was as soon as he knew. I don’t care. The only thing that holds weight is legal documentation. His or anyone else’s words don’t legally mean a thing and I will make no decisions before I have the facts.

I complimented Larry on calling and on his having a better attitude. I asked him “Do you understand why I was upset with you?”. He danced around that one like he danced on the others. No problem. He knows because he read this blog. It is a marvel to me that by writing what I feel and think others who don’t talk to me can hear me. Whatever works.

Larry proceeded to tell me that the ten to fifteen thousand he presumes I will have left over would be plenty for us. He disputed the estimates I had in the E mail I sent him regarding the need and cost of a well and septic system. I explained that I always estimate things on the high end to be safe. Larry doesn’t think we need another well but that’s his opinion. He told me that the current well, which is at the far corner of the farm, gets fried about every two years by lightening. I explained I had been studying wells and that this one has deteriorated over the decades it has existed. That plus the fact it has to pump water nearly a half mile are reasons I think it would be wise to have one drilled near the house.

Anyway, there is lots to be figured out but at least I think Larry has cooled his jets. I know he’s itching to get that cash in the worst way but that’s tough. None of us get anything till all the legal processes are finished. I don’t even know that I want to buy his half at this point. The lawyer said he would be reevaluating the land and if it keeps going up Larry can keep his half and sell it on his own. He didn’t like that idea and said it couldn’t be done. I don’t know. I just know that I will try to be as wise as I can for this is where we plan to live and grow old together. The fast buck means nothing to me. Where we will be ten and twenty years from now is what is important.

The timing of Larry’s call was good. I was just recovering from the slow down so was fairly clear headed. An hour earlier I would have had a hard time talking to him.

It’s 7:44 now. Cherie fixed a great dinner whipping something up with the leftover roast.

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