Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good bad good day

4/8/06 Saturday
This is one of those wake up at 3:00 in the morning with things on my mind days. Couldn’t get back to sleep and Carman kitty, realizing I’m awake, is all over me looking for attention. OK cat, fine, I’ll get up. Among the things bothering me is a difference between what Larry told me and Virginia said. It gets old, no it is already old. Everything will be accounted for. Cherie and I will be glad when all this is over. After talking to the new attorney we may dare to dream again.

I carved this morning till my neck ached too much to do anymore. That wasn’t too long. Regardless I enjoyed carving as always and it helps me relax. Cherie and I went to have lunch with Bob and Kiki.

It is 8:41 now. The last entry was made about 10:30 this morning. I will reconstruct this day in a bit. Right now I am working my way out of a major slow down that comes with a migraine. I looked through this journal and see that I have had two good days. Wednesday was rough but Thursday and Friday were great and I was sharp this morning.

I just asked Cherie and she filled me in on the day. I researched what to do about getting the digital camera fixed. After going online I went to Kodak’s site and got the address and authorization to send it in to get fixed.

The lunch with Bob and Kiki was very enjoyable. Cherie had been nervous about how well it would go. Some of that was because of how different their belief system is from the one we had, though ours has now evolved from what it once was. Things were fine. They have a good spirit. Just to fill you guys in, Bob and Kiki were among those who responded when the local ABC news aired the story about me called Toledo’s John Doe. Kiki told again of how she recognized me on the television and called in to help. We talked of how I was at those times and thanked them for getting in touch.

The Roman helmet I am wearing was given to my by Bob. It was part of the full set up he had for historical reenactment of that period.

I told them that when they met with me it brought back a flood of memories. Bob and Kiki knew me from reenacting the war of 1812 at Fort Meigs. They were also friends of my son Bruce. We talked of how I wandered looking for memories of who I was and I told them how much my memory has been restored. They will be friends for a long time I suspect. Bob has Multiple Sclerosis also and we talked a little about that and of Wayne and his problems. They are preparing to leave Toledo just as we are. They will go to LA.

I find there is a curious similarity between us. Just as Cherie is a great help for me and the problems that come with my disability so is Kiki for Bob. There is a remarkable correlation with the effects of my brain damage and Multiple Sclerosis. That includes memory loss, fatigue, my partial paralysis on the right side, The slow downs, and a few others. Now these are I suppose kind of superficial similarities but still not far apart. It gives me an understanding and empathy for those with MS. I plan on contacting the MS Society and getting involved when we get to Texas. (Providing that works out)

Kiki E mailed the E mail address of another friend, John Mier. I remembered him from reenacting but Kiki told me that John used to work for me at one of my companies. I want to get in touch with him and as many others as I can as our time here in Toledo may be coming to a close.

I called Fred to let him know that Cherie and I were going to the post office and asked if he needed anything. He asked I pick up a half gallon of milk. Cherie had gotten the Easter cards she bought addressed and ready to send out so we took those to mail along with the camera. It is something I have asked her to help me remember to do.

That is to make sure I send cards and things to those I love in my family. If some of them don’t want anything to do with me that is their prerogative but I will still reach out and try to open that door. Virginia told me that she could not fathom my father, or any father for that matter, refusing to even talk to me. I don’t understand either, at least not totally. I have some theories on that and think maybe it is connected to the deep bitterness and heartbreak connected to my mother. They married and divorced twice.

This is a picture of my dad around the time I was born.

We got to the Post Office but they were closed. However the Post Office now has an automated computerized system that weighed, addressed, insured, and stamped the camera package. Too cool. With that done we went to Kroger and got the milk Fred needed along with a few things for ourselves.

My lucidity has returned as it always does. We were just watching the movie “Minority Report” with Tom Cruse. As is usually the case, despite the fact I watched the movie before, I only remember a few fragments of it and most of it was new to me. It is one of the fringe benefits of this brain injury if you would want to see it that way. I get to enjoy the same movie over and over again as if it was the first time with all the suspense and surprise.

It is 11:30 now so I should try to go to sleep. Of course I am wide awake because I had rested up with the slow down and migraine. That’s Bob life. Night all.

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