Saturday, April 01, 2006

A good start, will work for a good finish

4/1/06 Saturday
Well I woke up with the brain working well. I’m running about an 8 on the Bob scale. Cherie has to work today. There is a new project or something starting up. It may only be half a day, who knows. She is grateful for the work as our budget is tight for a few weeks because of the Direct Buy purchase.

I finally got an E mail from Larry. Here it is. wrote:
It does no good to talk to uou, you don't listen . It is real simple and you have been told this multiple times. If you want the land you have to buy it outright with your share of the cash. If you don't decide in the next few days there are buyers willing to pay $80,000 for it right now and it is going to be sold. You don't have much time and this is your only choice.

Here is my reply;

I have been told multiple times? By who? Unfortunately we have only communicated on this subject two times where you just "told" me what to do. We did talk a third time when you were pleasant and offered to help fix up the house after telling me you were going to be gracious enough to "Let me have it". It was a short conversation but where did you get the idea I don't listen. I have to have something to listen to. and you barking orders doesn't work well. I have consulted an attorney firm. What their estate specialist tells me does not match your view. This is your choice. I will tie it up if you don't get off you ass and talk. Negotiation does not mean a struggle necessarily. It means taking the time to Work Things Out. Not one quick conversation.

So what do I say? I have no choice? I haven’t even heard from the lawyer handling the estate. The only communication I have had with Mr. Jim McGilvray is the two times I called his office. One was to find out how things work and what to expect. The other time was when Larry sent me an E mail demanding I send McGilvray a statement agreeing to purchase Larry’s half of the farm with the cash from the inheritance. I don’t just rush into things without at least understanding what I am doing. No one bothered to talk to me and now Larry tells me the farm will be sold quickly.

Based on his E mail I have no choice but to retain the law firm Borland & Borland whom I talked with yesterday. What a pain in the ass and an unnecessary expense for both of us. It is his choice. If it takes two lawyers to get him to sit down and work out what really are simple things so be it. Neither Virginia or the attorney, Jim McGilvray, know how much cash is involved. I know much of it is in CD’s. Those must be converted into cash. Where do I come up with $80,000 to purchase my inheritance? There are things like getting financing that Cherie and I need to work on. So why the rush? This doesn’t smell right. I have not even received any form of written communication with the lawyer, nothing. Now they are going to rush the sale of this farmland that some of the local farmers want. These are the good ole boys of the small town of Stanton and I am a stranger with a bad reputation. Probably not the kind of guy they want in their close knit community. I don’t know but these are thoughts to consider.

I called Allen yesterday. He was all chipper so I know he got his drugs. I will do my best to get him help but it will be a struggle. When I told him that Cherie would be working today he said he would set his alarm for 10:00 and call me so I could come over. I won’t hold my breath cause if he was flying yesterday he probably didn’t go to sleep. He’s a good friend and I can’t just stand by and watch him self destruct. Especially when I am so familiar with the path he is taking.

Here is the spring start for the tree outside our window. It is always a pleasure to watch things come to life every spring.

That’s the start for this morning. I am doing well and have showered, shaved, and cleaned the kitchen. It would be nice if everyday started out like this and for that matter stayed this way. I never know when another partial seizure will happen. Sometimes I can go days without one and some days I have several of varying strength. Like I always say “This is prime time” so I work to get as much done as possible while I am able because I never know when the next slow down will come. The last two days were pretty bad.

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