Thursday, April 20, 2006

The best laid plans?

4/20/06 Thursday
Another clear day. All my well laid plans just unraveled. Eileen has to go to the pain management clinic this morning. She had forgotten that when we scheduled my taking her to Social Security and the law firm. When I called her this morning I heard her mention that Vera had put an ad in the paper declaring her the executor of Glen’s estate. I got to thinking about that and called her back. “Eileen, when did Vera put that ad in the paper? I asked. Then I explained “What that means is Vera can claim anything that was Glen’s”. Eileen protested that there was no estate, Glen didn’t have anything. “Eileen, what Vera is going after is everything in the house. She can try to get the furniture, his car, the television, anything she can”. I explained it would not be easy because it had to go through the courts and she would have to prove it. This upset Eileen so I let her know that this was why she has to be declared Glen’s common law wife. This would settle all of that. Then Eileen told me that Glen had about $30,000 in credit card debt. That’s another part of the equation I didn’t know. It will require some study and legal advice. I will pick her up tomorrow.

I called Fred to let him know my day was freed up. He will call Barb and see if she still wants to go to the Huntington Community Center for food. Who knows.

Allen was doing as well as I expected. He complained he didn’t even have enough money to buy cigarettes and to fix his truck. I watched him call Steve and try to bum some money. I would help him some but our money is very tight. Besides that I wouldn’t just hand him cash because I won’t help him buy pain medication. I would take him to the store and get what he needed.

So I am waiting to see how this day will turn out. Check back in later.

1:46 – I am back from running Fred and Barb to the community center for the food handout. Barb was telling me of a new tenant at her place who is a perv. I guess he grabbed Dixie’s tits and ass. He kept offering things like candy to Barb and tried to put the flip flops he wanted to give her down her blouse. “Did you call the police?” I asked her. She said no so I told her that this guy would not get better, only worse so she needs to call NPI (the landlords) and let them know what is going on. “They won’t move fast but you need to call them every time this guy comes knocking on your door” I said.

I am fixing to run over to Allen’s. Social Security called and left a message so he needs to respond. Unfortunately he is often not awake during business hours. I also need to take him to family services because he lost his pin number for is food stamp card. I also want to see if they got his paperwork also. Time to move. By the way I am running at an 8 on the Bob scale. So far it’s been a good brain day.

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