Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good morning

4/2/06 Sunday
Good morning. I had a quick slow down last night. I would rather have them at night than in the middle of the day. Things are fine this morning. Cherie and I have started out the way we often start our mornings. Laughing, sometimes hysterically. That is a good way to start a day. Our neighbors must think we are nuts or comedians cause we laugh so much. We still look at each other and marvel at being back together. Yesterday Cherie said it seemed like we have always been together, just took a twenty year vacation. I don’t know, I just know that we make each other complete, we are one.

This morning we will go help Sharon move. I called Fred to let him know we will be using his Caddy. He said the people upstairs (the Muslim and the ???) were up all night and had lots of people over. I suppose it was a Muslim party. What does a good Muslim do when they party? Who knows and I’m not sure I want to know.

I think I will do things a little different with this blog. It must be disconcerting to read about my day backwards, with the last entry showing up first. In order to make it easier I will post things in chronological order. Anyway, Cherie is about ready to go so we are off.
This is the only picture I have of Larry. Maybe I'll get a better one when we learn to get along
I suppose I got Larry’s attention. I don’t know if it was him or my sister Robin that looked at the blog at 10:30 but it was from San Antonio. Right when we were busy moving things from Sharon’s second floor apartment the phone rang. “You want to F ing talk so talk” I heard Larry’s angry voice say.
When I explained we were in the process of moving he was his usual pompous self. “No! If you want to talk you have to do it NOW” he demanded. As usual, His Majesty was ordering me what to do. I said “Larry, we’re carrying heavy furniture down stairs, now is not a good time. How about I get a hold of you later?”. He let me know he didn’t like it but there was nothing he could say.
Larry accuses me of not listening and being hard to talk to. I am sure there is some truth to that but like most people he is blind to how he behaves. Regardless of whether we were busy or not this was not a time to talk. He was hot and it would have been about ten seconds before things turned into a shouting match. I’ll let him cool off but at least he called. That’s a good step forward. It’s a shame he had to be backed into a corner to do so. It gets old to be treated like I am some low life piece of crap

Here's some pictures of where Larry put me up in St Louis. It was a place to live but would have been nicer with hot water

I suffered through that for a year in St. Louis with him. I am quite sure that he tells the story of how he came to my rescue, taking me from the hospital to St. Louis, he is the gallant brother who went through great personal sacrifice and expense to help his poor helpless brother.

Fact is that’s true. I am and always will be grateful that he helped when no one else in the family did. The exception would be my grandmother who did what she could at 95 years of age, that was paying my brother and sending me some badly needed cash. While he did help me his general attitude towards me was one of utter disdain.

He would treat me like I was well beneath his feet. What was so hard is his attitude would change from day to day. He would be nice and then I’m garbage again. Mostly he kept me out of sight. He never seemed to comprehend that I had brain damage and needed help. In fact he got upset when I got help. That I will tell of in one of the books I am writing.

I wore myself out helping Sharon move. Never have recovered my strength since the accident and I must face that I never will. I was fine for the first half but the right leg started going after that. I think part of that was I was thinking about Larry’s call and what it might portend. Sharon was ecstatic to be out of cracktown.
Her new place is much nicer despite being much smaller. It is in a neighborhood not far from us. Sharon had her whole family there to help including her ex and his parents, who treat her like a daughter. I broke a window in her screen door which I will fix tomorrow but other than that things went well. She will have to get rid of allot of the crap she has accumulated over the years. Cherie and I will give her one of our computers, the one Larry gave me from Delmer.

When we got home I was moving pretty slow. I sat down and started to write in this journal but wasn’t doing well at it. Cherie fixed something to eat and I took my afternoon nap. I’m up now but still not too fast. Running about a 6 on the Bob scale.
The more I think about it I believe it would be smarter to talk to Larry via E mail. We both are to short tempered and besides that it would provide documentation of what Larry says. He has shown a propensity to make promises he won’t keep. Just say what will make me happy. I think at this point I will still get the attorney involved to protect my interest. I will prepare an E mail for Larry and send it out later today.

It’s 9:00 now. We ate light after Cherie came home from shopping. She wasn’t happy with the selection of Easter cards at whatever stores she went to but will continue to look. Tomorrow I will take Wayne to do laundry and go fix the window of Sharon’s that I broke. I have had three cups of coffee and have been ruminating about what to write Larry. I think slow but that doesn’t mean I think poorly. Time to compose his E mail now.

Got that done. I debated putting in on the blog but won’t for now. Pretty much spelled out how we won’t just jump until we have all the information and understand what is going on. It is an expensive proposition to move down to Texas and make the house livable. It needs things like a new well and septic system just for the basics. That and Cherie finding work. I plan on setting up a woodworking business and possibly doing some light farming though I don’t know anything about it. If nothing else we could lease the land to other farmers.

Wayne called. Maintenance will be coming to fix his ceiling fan that shorted out and tripped his breakers yesterday. That means I may not be able to take him to do laundry. We talked about how things are moving regarding getting him into safer quarters. I read the letter Dr. Haley wrote to NPI to him. He was impressed as was I. It helps him to hear there is progress. I told him how nice it was where Sharon moved to give him something to hope for. It’s gotta be hard when all you have to look forward to is a steady deterioration to an unpleasant death. He will be in a wheelchair in a year or three. I will do as much as I can to make this time as good as it can be.

It’s 10:30 now. I am wide awake but should call this a day. See y’all next time. I’m going to cuddle up to my lovely wife. I still feel that I am the luckiest guy in the world and plan on always feeling that way.

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