Saturday, April 01, 2006

Made it through the day

The saga next door continues. Ahmed took off and then brought one of his friends over. Because they were talking Arabic I presume the guy is from Lebanon. So Ahmed walks up with the guy, introduces him to Jackie, and takes off leaving his friend with her. I have to wonder about this. Could he be pimping her out? He told me he’s buying her drugs and she told me she has been a “working girl”, a euphemism for prostitution so it’s not a stretch. He says he is just trying to help her and that may be his motive but it don’t figure.

As expected Allen didn’t call. I am not going to worry about it. I do the best I can but he has to put forth effort. That’s the way it is when you try to help folks with a drug problem. There will always be the failures that hurt to watch but it is part of the territory. I am getting tired now. It is 12:00 noon.

Cherie came home from work. That always brightens up my day and hers too. We talked about Larry’s E mail. I had E mailed her at work to tell her he had sent it. She said she just busted out laughing when she read it. “What an ass” she told me during the ensuing conversation. Words and terms like pompous, full of himself, and bully came up as we tried to describe him. He is Mr. Hot Shit in his mind despite not being able to keep a job, probably due to being an alcoholic. Then he treats me like I am some kind of dirt to walk over. He wonders why we have a hard time talking? No body I know likes being treated like that.

Right now Cherie and I are going to buy some food for Wayne. We thought about going to the museum to see the Tiffany display but will go tomorrow because they close at 5:00 today. I am also going to get Wayne a planner to help him stay organized.

We got Wayne his eggs and bread. We woke him up when we got there. I figured he would be asleep because the MS causes lots of fatigue so I called on the phone from the parking lot. That way he could get presentable. Wayne was happy to see us but it took a while for him to wake up. We had a nice visit but Wayne was visibly down. I said “You feel up to whooping me at a game of checkers?”. He wasn’t real keen on it but said yes. That gives me a chance to interact with him on a different level. As always I took the role of a teacher, pointing out things to help him as well as getting him to slow down and think. Some how he managed to get me from having five kings to his three to us being tied at two each. Nah, I know how that happened. It was a close game and he was smiling when we got done.

Sharon had called from upstairs while we were at Wayne’s. You can see just a little the damage she suffered when she was beat up by a crackhead. She had seen the Caddy in the parking lot and was paranoid about who it was. It was comforting for her to hear it was me and Cherie. I tried calling when we were leaving Wayne’s to see if we could visit but she didn’t answer. That is because they have her on horse tranquilizers or something that knocks her out. I left a message.

We went to the park on the way home but Cherie didn’t last long because of her ankle so I brought her home. I put the roast in the crock pot at noon or so and it is done. I will be fixing dinner tonight. It’s 6:00 now so I best get moving.

Dinner wasn’t too hot. The roast was dry and the peas were overcooked. The potatoes were good. I have been sharp all day but am slowing down now. Making simple decisions is hard. This is when I spin in circles trying to settle on what to do next. Typing this is going real slow. I think I should call it a night.

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