Thursday, April 13, 2006

A retching start. It will get better

4/13/06 Thursday
Literally a Pukey (as in throw up) morning. Woke up at 1:00 this morning with this bile thing welling up and choking me. OK! I’M AWAKE NOW. Nasty so I drank water, used mouth wash, and tried anything else to get this out of my throat. Poor Cherie was woke up when I lurched out of bed making loud clearing my throat noises. Now I am wide awake so decided to work on the split pea soup I had been boiling down the ham bone for. I chopped, diced, mixed, spiced, and did anything else I could think of and then threw in the two bags of split peas. I bought two cause one didn’t look big enough for the largest pot we own.

Yeah, I’m thinking, this is going to be good stuff. So I sat down here and went blogging, chasing the threads of those who touched on my blog. Found some interesting stuff but I’m surprised at how many were in German. Then I though I would look in on the soup. OoooK. Too much peas. All the water was gone and the pot that had been what I thought was safely half full had swelled in volume till it is to the top. I added water and took a taste. I am not impressed with myself at all. Just went and checked on it and I added too much water. Perhaps I can give much of it to those I help but I like them too much or at least want them to like me. Maybe I can donate it to a “soup kitchen” for the homeless. When I was homeless it would have been great. Besides that no one would know where it came from.

It is now 3:00 AM and I am still wide awake. What a rude start for the day but here’s the good news. IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER. That’s the theory I am clinging to. Stay tuned for further developments.

Today I will take Wayne to the M.S. support group luncheon. They can all see the masterful hair cutting job I did on that poor mans head. Today is not going to be a show off day, more like a stay in the back and hope no one notices day. It will be a good day because I decide to make it that way. I suppose I should try and get two hours sleep before Cherie’s alarm goes off and she must get ready for work. That requires me fighting Carman Kitty for my spot on the bed he claimed as soon as I got up retching. Life is a series of struggles so best get to it.

It's getting better
8:16 - I said it would get better. I am amazed. I tasted the split pea soup when I dragged myself out of bed at 6:45. It tastes really, really good. Just to confirm this because sometimes my taste buds don’t work I had Cherie taste it. She was impressed. When I think about it I had a really horrible taste in my mouth last night so it was like drinking coffee immediately after you used Listerine mouth wash. No, worse than that. I guess I won’t make an anonymous donation to the soup kitchen (or the sink) after all.

It is a beautiful day out. Bright with wisps of clouds floating slowly by. It will be up to 75 degrees today. Heat has a tremendous impact on those with M.S. but this shouldn’t be too hard on Wayne. It reminds me that I need to start the process of getting approval for him to have air conditioning at his apartment. This will be another foray into the bureaucratic maze that starts with doctors letters explaining he has a medical need for this.

I am continuing the fight with NPI to get Wayne out of cracktown. Part of that will involve making copies of all the correspondence and documentation and taking it to the M.S. Society luncheon this afternoon. On that subject, Wayne called me two days ago and said “Boy, your good”. I’m like “what?” and he told me that the VA called and set up an appointment to get him into Veterans housing. Evidently I had talked to someone when I took him to the clinic about his situation and it got their attention. I don’t remember talking to anyone but not remembering is what I am good at.

I also must print up the pictures I took at the M.S. fund raiser for those who’s pictures I took. That will be a nice surprise for them. I E-mailed them to as many as I could but am not sure who got it and wasn’t able to place names with faces very well. Best get moving cause I’ve got to be out of here by 11:00.

I got all that done. Printed some pictures twice by mistake and used up a whole color ink cartridge. Two of those cost $39.00 but I made full size 8 ½ x 11 prints. I think I printed about nine pictures

I looked for the letter from NPI saying they would not move him and couldn’t find it. I know I had picked it up from Wayne with the intention of making a copy so panicked. Called Wayne after I tore everything up and found it as I talked with him. Typical disorganized Bob. Printed up a copy and will take the package to the MS meeting.

I had the pea soup for breakfast. Still good. Now I need to wash up containers to put it in. I’ll take some to Wayne. I am running about a seven today. Not bad considering how tired I am. It is 10:00 now.

10:21 – Got a headache coming. Hope it just stays a headache.

3:41 – Been a long, interesting, and good day. I am exhausted and having a hard time not falling asleep at this computer so I think I should take one of my short naps.

7:12 – We ate dinner. Cherie heated up the enchiladas she made yesterday. They are great. She has turned into quite a cook. I am a little slow and still tired. Looking back at this journal I see that I was up at 1:00 this morning so I understand why I am so tired. I am running about a 4 on the Bob scale which is not to good. I will try to put down what I did today.

I picked up Wayne and we went to the M.S. Lunch Bunch support group. There was good conversation and the lady who represents the drug companies was there. She answered lots of questions and paid for everyone’s lunch. I talked about Wayne’s housing issues. After I followed Suzie? To the M.S. office so I could drop off the stuff I printed about Wayne.

Denise offered to let Wayne share her apartment. It would help with her finances and get Wayne out of cracktown. Denise was real happy to get the pictures I printed.

I took Wayne home and called Allen as I drove home. He said he is doing about the same in his depressed voice. I pulled over to talk safely and set up a time to take him to Social Security tomorrow. They say they never got the paperwork I mailed.

There was more to this day but I am having a hard time right now and can’t seem to recall much. You can tell when I am not doing well by how brief my sentences are. I think I will call it a day now.

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