Thursday, April 06, 2006

A better start

3/6/06 Thursday
This is a much better start for the day. Yesterday generally sucked most of the day. Fred would like me to take him to the Crissey Rd. thrift shop this afternoon where he will hope to get the free bread that grocery stores are getting rid of because it is old. I think I will run out and get Sharon’s window this morning cause I wasn’t able to yesterday. Cherie talked to her yesterday evening. Sharon calls the prosecutor’s office every morning to see if the guy who beat her up is still in jail. Her level of fear is so high that she will not go out until she knows he is still safe behind bars.

I woke up fairly sharp and hope it stays that way but better take my pill because I am getting that dizzy head ringing sensation right now. I showered, shaved, and did all that morning stuff. Yesterday I didn’t do any of that. Time to fix breakfast and get moving to take advantage of this time of lucidity.

Oh yeah! I got an E mail from Bruce this morning with more pictures from Iraq and his sense of humor that brings back memories. I sent him some more of the Engrish stuff he likes. He got right back with me cause he happened to be accessing the computer that must be shared with the other soldiers.

Went to get Sharon’s window only to find out that the store is closed till Sunday. I had read the notice before but of course forgot. I went on and visited with Sharon. She told me that the prosecutor said that by law he must give her address to the attorney who is defending the guy who beat her up. How insane is that. She moved because of fear of retribution and they are going to give the guy who beat her up her new address? Come on, where the hell is common sense? She said she was going to call Julia Bates, the head of the prosecutors. I said it would be better to write as that is more effective.

Wayne just called. He got a letter from NPI saying there was insufficient grounds to move him out of that area. That is another disappointment and upsets me. I thought for sure that with the doctor’s letter and the one from the Ability Center he would get moved out of the hell hole he is stuck in. Now I must consider what to do for round three on this issue.

I got a call from the law firm and due to a death and illness they are swamped so gave me three other firms they recommend. I called the first one and will get that going. I am glad I am lucid this morning.

Barb called while I was talking to the lawyer and left a message. She just wanted advice on what to do with the check that just came in for her cell phone. It was made out to Cricket and she thought she could pay it at the carry out like she did her phone bill. I will take her to Cricket.

I tried calling Virginia and she is on vacation till Tuesday. There was no answer on her home or cell phone. She is probably spending the time with her daughter who has serious mental retardation and lives at a facility. I’m not sure if she is Virginia’s daughter or a close relative or what. I have been told but it one of those details that escapes my mind.

3:20 – I just got back from chauffeuring Fred and Barb around. Fred was not walking well but stayed in the car most of the time. We went to Crissey Rd. first. They didn’t have much in the way of bread so we didn’t stay long. We went to pick up Barb and take her to pay her cell phone bill. Then I drove them to the Huntington Community Center where Barb was able to get some food and bread.

Barb offered to buy us lunch at a Chinese buffet where you could get all you can eat for $5.00. It took some persuasion for her to convince Fred to go saying it would be there Easter dinner. Once there I took Fred through the lines explaining what was there. “Where’s the mashed potatoes?” he asked. Looking around I said “Fred, they don’t have any mashed potatoes”. I tried to find things that were soft and he could eat with no teeth. Not much luck. It was surprisingly good so I filled up. I told Barb “I appreciate you buying me lunch but I’ll pay for mine cause I know your money is tight”. She looked down kinda disappointed or something so I reassured her “Barb, it’s the thought that counts. I’m thankful but want to help”. She grinned and thanked me.

The buffet was next to NPI so I went ahead and paid for my meal. Then I walked over to NPI. Walking in I asked the receptionist “I’d like to have a copy of NPI’s policies”. She asked me who I was and then disappeared around the back. Coming back she informed me that there was none available. So the fight continues.

I am tired after all this so will take my afternoon nap. It is frustrating for me to wear out this easily. Part of the package I guess. I am lucky to be alive but wish I had half the energy I did before the wreck.

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