Saturday, April 15, 2006

Muddy morning, hard day

4/15/06 Saturday
This is an exceptionally rough morning. I woke up a little slow with a minor headache and just got slower. On top of that the headache got steadily worse. I took the Tramadol and aspirin, reserving the Zomig till it got to migraine level as I usually do. Don’t like taking pills in general so take as few as I can. It is 12:11 and I will go take the Zomig now. I will have to check with Cherie but I think I had to take one last night. This will be one of the longer slow downs, the ones that are not stress triggered.

I am attempting to back up the stuff on this computer that is valuable to me. That has turned into a chore as it usually is. I always have to learn all over again how to do this because I don’t do it with enough frequency to remember. As I looked at what I want to save I see the confusion my files have become. I am trying to sort and organize them and have been working on it since 9:00 or so. It is hard to do when I am slow. I had to learn how to put folders side by side because I would get confused. Even that is a chore. This will take a while because I am moving in slow motion.

Cherie is doing the laundry.

This is an exceptionally hard day. I went to bed doing poorly and taking a Zomig for the headache and woke up not too swift. It is 4:40 PM now and I am still not doing well. Fred called and asked if I had told Wayne he was invited to the Easter dinner he was buying. He said “You don’t sound good” and asked if I was OK. You can hear it in my voice when I am operating at a four or lower on the Bob scale.

Cherie isn’t feeling too hot either but it seems more like a depression or something. She just went shopping which usually helps ease her mind. I was going to carve but that won’t happen when I’m like this. Might cut a finger off or something playing with razor sharp tools. I will lay down and watch more TV like I have done with most of this day.

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