Thursday, November 10, 2005

111005 Thursday

11/10/05 Thursday
     I didn’t go to bed till 1:00 last night. I could tell when I woke up this morning. What happened to the days I could go for twenty hours and only sleep five. I know that doesn’t add up to twenty four it just sounded good.
     Cherie had left a note for herself to wake me up this morning because I have to get Barb to the dentist at 8:45. She is learning from my memory problem how to compensate for hers thus leaving reminder notes. She brought in the hot cup of Bob coffee like she does every morning gently saying “Get up honey. Here’s some coffee and I am making scrambled eggs and English muffin for you. Don’t forget you’re taking Barb to the dentist.”. We still look at each other and cry. With tears streaming down our face we tell each other how much we love each other and hug as we wonder at being together again. I think we will still do this twenty years from now. It is good to be one with you’re mate.
     Cherie was ready for work with five minutes to spare which is good. I had to adjust to this as Cherie would sit down and watch the news. “It’s 7:36 Cherie, don’t you need to be getting ready for work.” I said trying to be the good husband and keep her moving so she might not be late. Cherie just looked at me with a pleased look on her face and told me “I’m all ready”. I wait for her to leave so she doesn’t have to kiss me bye while I’m in the shower and then scurry to get ready. Of course Fred calls while I am in the shower. When I didn’t answer the cell phone he called the house phone. By this time I am just drying off so I rush naked to the phone knowing already that it was Fred.
     As always Fred is rushing things and lets me know that he told Barb I would be there at 8:00. “No Fred! I’m not going to get to Barb’s till 8:30 and her appointment isn’t until 8:45. I don’t want to sit around any longer than I have to.” Fred expressed his reservations “I don’t know”. He then told me to get his credit card as it is his turn to buy gas. No problem with that.
     It is 10:00 and I am back home. When I got Barb to the dentist’s office there were no cars in the parking lot. A lady with an armload of mail came up to the door of the office building and unlocked it. Not a good sign. Barb went in with the lady who unlocked the door and I leaned the seat back, turned on the radio, and got this laptop out of the back pack. I started it up and was just doing things like open the journal when Barb came back outside.
     She gets in the car and tells me there is no one in the doctors office. It was already 9:15, a half hour since the appointment so I asked Barb “What do you want to do? You want to wait or go home, call them, and reschedule?”. I was glad when she elected to go home and call to reschedule. It’s got sitting in a car when it’s 43 degrees out beat all to pieces.
     Fred met me at the door and commiserated on how wrong it was for the doctor to do that. I made sure he knew I wasn’t upset at Barb about it and that it wasn’t her fault so he shouldn’t be mad at her either. Fred told me that when he talked to Barb just before I came home she said she needed to see the dentist because she was out of pain pills. “Fred she just got a prescription for percosets (Hey, it’s not on my spell check so if I spelled that wrong live with it.) yesterday. If they’re gone there’s a problem. When that sunk in he got quiet. I excused myself to go to the apartment and escaped. It is beautiful outside with clouds dotting the blue sky. I halfway want to go take a picture of it but don’t want to drive anywhere to do so.
     Now that we heard that the scam artist Jim Watson is leaving town as is his pattern I am motivated to get the research material on him out and make it public. I should have done it sooner but our rejection at the Cedar Creek church soured me so I let them throw their money at Jim.
     Jim said he was going to Adrian but I’ll believe that when I see it. He said he will take some of the “residents” of his “Ministry” with him to Adrian. Of course he will. He hires them out and they give him the money they earn. And of course it is all for the glory of God!!!    “Oh Yeah Folks, Step Right Up and Give Me Your Money, Help the Poor, Make God Happy, line my pockets”… Jim has the pitch down pat and has been doing this for nearly twenty years. Time to get off my ass and expose him.
     There’s allot of stuff on Jim and I will have to sort it out all over again because it is fresh material to me now. Things will come back as I work on this but I think I will deal with this later not now.
     Cherie came home for lunch and it is always a pleasure to see her and share life. I told her of taking Barb to the dentist that wasn’t there and she asked if I was hungry. “You’ll still be asking me that twenty years from now despite knowing I rarely feel hungry. Should I eat?” I said. She wasn’t hungry and had brought the chili mac that she had packed for lunch back so warmed that up for me.
     She fretted about needing to shop so I said “How about I go shopping?”. She looked at me as it dawned on her “Oh yeah! You could do this.” I told her to make a list and when it came down to cat litter the exact name, style, features or whatever it took to insure I got the right stuff. You know, I have been trying to get her to ask more of me, to schedule things for me to do, for as long as we’ve been together. She just loves me so much she tries to do everything herself.
     I think I will carve a bit before I go to the store.

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