Sunday, November 06, 2005


11/6/05 Sunday
Good morning world. It stormed last night and the wind is whipping right now. I can’t wait to get back to the park. We have been watching the changes in the forest as winter heads this way. All this wind and storm will have made a significant impact on the fall leaves.
We are watching the morning news on ABC and there is a story of a woman who completed the Iron Man competition despite having only one leg. It is inspiring to me when I see how others achieve despite their disability but it is also embarrassing. I am not in that bad of shape and need to quit thinking I won’t ever amount to much, you know, quit feeling sorry for myself. Anyway it was determination and a can do attitude that made this possible for this woman. She didn’t make it the first time, coming in something like 12 or 20 minutes after the cut off time so she came back the next year.
I just checked my E mail and Linda sent a reply that really spelled out what some of us with brain injuries go through. I am asking her permission to publish it so you may get to see it.
I am running about a 6 or so on the Bob scale. Not real speedy but not to slow When I woke up the leg wasn’t there so I had to walk carefully. It is still numb but that is partly because I am sitting at this machine. I will get up and walk to help it be less noticeable as I must do all day long.
I think I will start a folder for the “whattaboutbob” (With two T’s) blog so it will contain different writing than this journal. Still debating switching the journal to “What about Bob” and using ‘Walked with Angels” to start publishing earlier journal entries to tell the incredible story of my journey back to Toledo and wandering lost in my home town. Cherie thinks that would be a good idea.
I had a headache coming on and took aspirin to head it off. It kept coming and now the light coming in from the cloudy day outside is bright. Not a good sign. This is part of a migraine. Haven’t had a bad one for a while though I will have to consult this journal to see when. This is handy. In some ways with this journal I have a better memory than most, down to the date and time sometimes. Anyway I was slowing down and Cherie could hear it just a little in my voice and quit writing on the other blog because I couldn’t concentrate on it. I took some herbal medicine and it has cleared my head. My typing speed has dramatically increased and I am writing this. Time to return to “What about Bob” and finish what I started.
I think that went well. I talked about politicians in Toledo and deception. Go look and tell me what you think. It’s .
It is incredibly windy out. I like it. I was tired two hours ago and still am but when the brain works I like to use it. Maybe I will take a nap now. For those who don’t know I often have to take a couple of naps a day. This is due to mental fatigue, a result of the brain injury. Not whining just want folks to understand us survivors.
Cherie got me out and we went to MC Sports for boots. She had scouted out stores for shoes earlier and here was the correct stuff. I found a pair and we came home. We are both tired so just rented to DVD’s and stayed home to enjoy each others company. That’s it for the day

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