Sunday, November 27, 2005

112705 Sunday

11/27/05 Sunday
     I have been working for two or more hours on getting these pictures published on the blog. I finally figured out how to place them where I want in the text. Before they just showed up at the front or I would have to load them as separate entries, you know individual posts. I learned how to identify the HTML code that went with a picture and then to copy and paste it to the spot I wanted. It was hard and Cherie let me concentrate on this as any distraction would make me forget where and what I was doing. As you can see from the blog the pictures are a bit helter skelter but they are there. Later, as I practice and relearn this several times, it will stay and I will get better. I am proud I stuck with this and didn’t give up despite the frustration. I really would like to go to school and learn more of this stuff instead of figuring it out myself the hard way. Working on this slowed me down as stress always does.
     Yesterday I had a headache that wouldn’t quit despite the migraine meds. I called Allen to see if he survived Thanksgiving. He had been invited over to Steve’s and they gave him lots of leftovers. That was good because depression is always amplified during the holidays, especially when you are not with family. His family is in Maryland. Mine just doesn’t want to hear from me or talk with me so I know how lonely he must be. I will try to E mail my sister, who at least replied to two of my E mails. I told Cherie that I would like to at least send cards to my family whether they wanted them or not.  
     I am pretty slow right now. I have to wonder if me not taking that herbal stuff contributes to this. Don’t know. It is almost 1:00 and I went back to bed. I am typing this in slow motion. I hate these times.
     I took one of the migraine pills. Hope it works. Got the blinds closed and everything off so it is quiet. Frustrating to not be up and doing things. Cherie went shopping or something. She told me but I don’t remember. Battery is getting low so I must put this laptop on the charger.
     It is 4:55 now. I haven’t had a day this bad for a while. Brain function is slow and I am wandering around kind of lost, always having to remember what I was about to do. Cherie came home and whipped up a nice dinner. I may be fighting something off as the stomach has been unsettled. The headache is still there. Medication did little to stop it. I was going to write about something but can’t remember now.
     I am not motivated at all. Just want to go to sleep and wake up better.

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