Sunday, November 13, 2005

111205 Saturday

11/12/05 Saturday
     It is a beautiful bright cloudless morning with the temperature a brisk 39 degrees. I love it this way. We have no plans today. Cherie will probably do some shopping and I am thinking of doing some carving. We’ll play this day by ear, the hell with scheduling it. I’m going to walk on the dangerous side and let impulse rule.
     I didn’t shower yesterday so hit it early this morning because if I don’t wash my hair daily it becomes a greasy mess and itches like crazy. I am sure you were glad to read that but it’s my journal, kinda like my diary, so that’s the way it is. Sorry.
     When I got out of the shower Cherie had already toasted some English muffins so I scrambled some eggs to go with it. We laughed and played like we do and loved also. I am always struck when I see her. She will be in the bathroom putting on make up and look up when I walk in. I just stop thinking as I look at her face and wish I could take a picture. Her eyes, her smile, her spirit, it is good to be in love.
     Anyway, Cherie has gone shopping or something. I know she told me but don’t have a clue what she said. That’s life with Bob. I stay somewhat lost much of the time, looking up to see I am alone. I know Cherie has been gone a while but don’t have a clue what time she left. I have been carving for a while and had to get up and move around.      This time I sat in the dining table chair to see if that reduces the pain I get when sitting on the floor. The chair was better and I could use the table top for some fine work. (The Celtic heart at the bottom) It is 12:54 now. I am tired. Think I will lay down.

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