Friday, November 25, 2005

112305 Wednesday

11/23/05 Wednesday
     As you can see I did not finish the journal entries for two days and most of yesterdays entry was my recollection of Monday. This is one of those paradoxes with my memory loss. I can go downstairs, get in the car, and drive away but when I get to the corner I no longer remember where I am going so I just turn right and try to remember as I drive. I always figure it out but it is a moment of disorientation that is regular. I have a hard time with an hour ago but can sometimes remember yesterday clearly. This really throws folks of and some think I am faking or using memory loss as an excuse for something
     It is 8:21 this morning. I am scheduled to take Barb to the Trilby church for food and then Fred asked me to take her to cash in cans so she could have some money for Thanks giving. Fred was apologetic when he asked that knowing I did not like doing it. I don’t have a problem with that but now we are supposed to get one to three inches of snow starting at 10:00. I may not want to go out at all. Fred’s tires are not the kind that are good on snow and his anti lock brakes and traction control are acting up. We’ll see how it plays out.
     I need to get up and cleaned up for the day. Really don’t want to get out from under the covers. We haven’t turned the heat on this winter except one time. Here it is 22 degrees out, but it’s not too bad in here, at least not to me. I would guess 55 to 60 degrees. The girl downstairs is from New Mexico so I am sure she has her heat cranked up and some of that bleeds up here. This works out well as I don’t feel the cold as much as most because of the injury and when Cherie has her hot flashes she loves the cold. And we save money too.
     Our stove burned out yesterday. Cherie was baking a bean dish and was preparing to make banana bread when we heard the stove loudly ZaaP. I opened it up and saw that the red hot element had broken and kind of welded itself. Anyway we don’t have a stove for Thanksgiving. I was supposed to bake a pie and Cherie was going to make the sweet potato dish for diabetics we discovered for Wayne. I will call Gerdinic Realty (Our landlord) but have little hope it will get fixed today.
     I took Barb to the Trilby Church and then to cash in her cans. I asked her where the usual crowd was. She said Dawn wasn’t up yet and Dixie didn’t want to go anywhere. I asked Barb how Dixie was doing and she told me “Dixie’s being weird”. After watching Dr. Phil’s show on Schizophrenia I have a better understanding of what Dixie is going through.  

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