Monday, November 14, 2005

Now I am learning how to play with these pictures. Just have to figure how to get the journal entry placed here.
11/13/05 Sunday
That’s as far as I got yesterday and right now it is all I remember of the day. Later I am sure I will get a reminder that will bring yesterdays memories to the surface. We just got back from church. I pretty much just sat and watched, thinking of religions in general, how the human animal gets in sync with others through communal activities. Music and dancing are universal and speak of a deep primal instincts, heralding to the day our ancestors had to work as a team while hunting and fighting.
Sound was one of the means of communicating though nature shows many other ways species have of communicating. There is the use of odors and pheromones, body configurations such as facial expressions, and who knows how many other things that we don’t have a clue about. As I observed the people in church achieving varying degrees of ecstasy I consider how common this is in religions and cultures around the world. This same emotions and greater are worked up in many ways with groups joining with a rhythm, be it the beat of music, of voices, and of movement. I’ve experienced this in church, large rock concerts, martial arts, and even with a quartet practicing. There is a shared energy that increases as the number of participants increase.
So this is the kind of stuff going through my head at church. I am not comfortable with the dancing and prophesy stuff and suspect this too is a product of an excited imagination. Everyone wants to be important and spiritual and after a good musical workup they lined up to give their “Word from the Lord”. There were the regulars and maybe some new ones. I have become quite cynical these days.
They talked on “Community”. I could tell it was a packaged teaching, possibly purchased, that came complete with posters and maybe promotional materials as well. It is a good teaching and the series should make an impact. We are not too keen on opening up to others, it is safer to keep our world small.
We went shopping for socks, underwear, and something else that I don’t remember after church. I remembered Wayne had mentioned he needed stuff like this so I called him from K-Mart. We picked up some stuff for Wayne and forgot to buy one of the things on our list.
Later Cherie went to buy an iron and ironing board cover. I don’t know what I did other than wash the dishes. We went walking in the park and took some pictures. I’ll pick one or two to publish.
Can you see the deer?? She's right in the middle.

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