Sunday, November 27, 2005

112605 Saturday

11/26/05 Saturday     
     Cherie was up and out the door fairly early to do more of the shopping thing so I slept in. When she came back she was worn out and didn’t understand why. “You been going at it full tilt for two days, of course your tired.” I told her and suggested she take a break. While I watched the news I could hear her in the kitchen cooking. Soon after I could smell whatever it was and then Cherie came in and said “I cooked breakfast and your going to eat it.” in her “I’m being the stern mom” voice. She was working hard to suppress a giggle as she said it.
     Fact is I seldom eat breakfast anymore and often forget about lunch too. I don’t feel the sensation of hunger and just forget to eat. Dinner happens cause that is always a shared meal with us but if I was out and about I would forget. She knows this and tries to make sure I eat. We are so good for each other.
     It is 12:41 now and the clouds we had this morning are gone. Cherie and I were talking about what we will do with this day. I would like to go to the park and get some pictures of our first snow. It will warm up to about 37 degrees today and that will melt the snow plus I think it is supposed to rain tonight.
     Cherie just came home. I am not feeling real good. Kinda like my skin is hot and I can feel my brow knotting up. Maybe a headache coming.
     It’s a slow down. Haven’t had too many lately, at least not as often as before. I don’t know. Will have to go through this journal to see cause don’t remember. I was telling Cherie about not feeling too well and could hear the slow down in my voice. So could Cherie. I was going to go to the park to take pictures but don’t think I will for now.
     I ended up going to the park because I didn’t want to miss taking pictures of the first snow. It was as good a day as you could ask for. There was no wind and the temperature was just freezing. I was warm in my quilted flannel shirt and a light jacket. Cherie was in the middle of doing stuff so she asked if I would mind her not going to the park with me. Of course I don’t but she is always too careful about making sure she is doing what I want. I keep telling her not to do that. I say “Cherie, you’ve got to quit submitting your will like that. Tell me what you want to do instead of asking me what I want you to do.” She is getting better at asserting herself but it is hard for her to overcome a lifetime of abuse.
     When I got to the park it was beautiful and as I walked admiring nature it wasn’t the same without Cherie to share it with. I called her and said I would take pictures of all our favorite places.  I took tons of pictures some of which I will share.

This one I call “Ripples”

You can barely see the two ducks in the middle. Click on the pictures and they will get big.

You can see the ice forming on this gently moving section of Swan Creek.

This is the last picture. I don’t have a clue what kind of tree this is but I was struck by how the bright red berries stood out in contrast to the browns and grays of winter.
     It is now Sunday as I work on putting this together. All the snow is now gone, washed away by the rain and rising temperature. It won’t be long and the snow will be staying and the rivers will freeze up. I will try to put this on the blog but suspect I will have problems getting the pictures to load correctly. It is a constant struggle for me to figure this stuff out, when I learn how to do something I quickly forget. Anyway, enough of my whining.

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