Tuesday, November 15, 2005

11/14/05 Monday

11/14/05 Monday
Cherie’s gone to work this sunny morning. It was 33 degrees out at 7:00 and will go up to 50 or so. I am lucid and moving already. Showered and stuff. Running about a 7 on the Bob scale. I hope to get much done today. There is nothing scheduled but you know how long that will last. I was tempted to not turn on the cell phone but that’s not right. There are some who depend on me.

Carman Kitty stalking

It is 11:24 now. I fixed pancakes and chowed them down. It took me forever to publish yesterdays entry. Got pretty confused when I tried to put in more than one picture. Eventually I figured something out but won’t remember next time. After I figure the same thing out a few times it stays.
At the moment I am thinking about my family. I keep telling myself to E mail my sister Robin but it never gets done. Soon as I turn around the thought vanishes. I think I am also afraid of rejection. I wonder how my dad is doing and daydream of talking with him, getting things straightened out. It will probably never happen.
I just remembered to take my pill. Kinda depressed. Think I will lay down. Cherie should be home for lunch soon.
Allen called after Cherie went back to work and asked if I could give him some help because he threw his back out. I really didn’t want to go but I had wanted to talk to him about his problem with pain killers. Allen was in bad shape and had a hard time standing up straight. I helped with the lifting he could not do. He wasn’t willing to hear anything regarding his problem so I left it be.
Cherie made some chicken casserole that was great. I whipped up some tapioca for dessert. Right now I think we are done for the day.

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